Infinix launches INBOOK X2 Series Featuring Ultra-Thin Body, Rich Colors & Dual Fill Lights

SHANGHAI, Jan. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Infinix, an emerging brand in the consumer electronics market today launched the INBOOK X2 laptop series featuring innovative dual fill lights, an ultra-thin body and a rich bright display. The Infinix INBOOK X2 series boasts the industry’s first dual-star light camera, allowing online video calls to be made anytime anywhere. The 1.24kg all-metal body makes the mobile office easy and convenient, which has never been more important than it is today. The 100% sRGB significantly improves the color reproduction on the INBOOK X2 screen giving users a vivid video experience when consuming online media. Additionally, INBOOK X2 is equipped with a powerful Intel® processor, a large 50Wh battery, which provides users with plenty of power for all-day usage, and the Infinix AirLink which enables multi-device collaboration. This series comes with the following three versions: INBOOK X2 with Intel® Core™i7 /i5 /i3.

Four distinctively bold colors.
Four distinctively bold colors.

Alex Yang, Product Manager at Infinix, said, "Since its creation, the INBOOK is expected to serve as an extension and supplement to mobile phones based on Infinix’s deep insight into consumers in the smartphone field, thus better satisfying the demand of young consumers. The first generation product INBOOK X1 led sales among consumer-level notebooks when it made debuts in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and other countries. The newly launched INBOOK X2 series, with an ultra-thin body for maximum portability, directly meeting consumer demand today."

Truly Iconic Design

The Infinix INBOOK X2 series is built from the ground up for young consumers that pursue quality, durability & value. Its two innovative fill lights provide the perfect lighting conditions for video calls, online meetings and classes so that users can always look their best on-screen. A more advanced COB process is adopted in INBOOK X2’s camera to further increase the amount of light entering the sensor. The blue light coating of the lens effectively reduces lens glare. Both the face and the background can be clean and clear in the video call giving users a great online video experience with every call.

Front-facing dual led fill lights.
Front-facing dual led fill lights.

Less is More

A lightweight construction forms the competitive foundation INBOOK X2 is built around, coming in as light as 1.24kg and as thin as 14.8mm. The flexible and portable design makes it the perfect fit to be taken out and used as a mobile office on the go. The INBOOK X2 features a full-metal body that is sturdy and stable, that incorporates two different processes of frosting and brushed metal. Four bold color options, including Grey, Blue, Green and Red, are available allowing users a variety of colors to express their personality and match their style.

A Rich Immersive Display

INBOOK X2 is equipped with a 14-inch full-color high-brightness display that enables users to enjoy an immersive visual experience. The screen supports 100% sRGB color space which reproduces colors as they were meant to be seen. When consuming online media and gaming, users will truly get to experience the content as it was produced. Additionally, the brightness, which outputs 300nits, ensures clarity even if being used outdoors in harsh lighting conditions and the FHD & IPS screen allows consumers to watch high-definition videos from multiple perspectives. Finally, the screen features a 4.7mm ultra-narrow frame for a boundless view with fewer solids and restraints.

Sharp & crisp 14-inch full-color super bright display.
Sharp & crisp 14-inch full-color super bright display.

Next Level Hardware

The INBOOK X2 is equipped with Intel®Core™ processors, with three specifications including i7, i5 and i3 available with storage capacities of 4+256GB and 8+512GB. The INBOOK X2 is equipped with a large 50Wh battery to support 11 hours of web browsing giving users power all day long. Additionally, a 45W PD 3.0 fast charge is included which can replenish 60% battery in just one hour. The charger is equipped with a mainstream Type-C protocol allowing it to charge both smartphones and laptops, weighing only 105g, saving space.

A Seamless Smart Experience

The INBOOK X2 series comes pre-installed with the latest Windows 11 system so users can get started on their next project right away. The AirLink multi-screen collaboration enables seamless collaboration among laptops and Infinix mobile phones through simple operations, covering plenty of daily usage scenarios. The connection from smart hotspot to a mobile hotspot only takes a click, making internet browsing seamless. The INBOOK X2 series can automatically identify nearby Infinix smartphones, allowing users to transfer massive files and pictures between their laptops and smartphones easily.

Additional Functions:

  • ICE STORM 1.0, a highly efficient cooling system helps the processor dissipate heat faster and effectively reduces its temperature under heavy workloads.
  • Advanced DTS sound technology delivers immersive surround sound while watching videos & gaming.
  • Packed with multiple ports to meet different users’ needs, including data transmission, fast charging and screen projection.


The INBOOK X2 series will available from $399 (i3), $549 (i5) & $649 (i7) in Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, and other countries starting January 22. Prices will vary from region to region.

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Infinix Mobility is an emerging technology brand that designs, manufactures and markets an expanding portfolio of devices worldwide under the Infinix brand, which was founded in 2013. Targeting today’s youth, Infinix focuses on developing cutting-edge technology embodied in meticulously designed mobile devices that offer refined style, power and performance. Infinix devices are trendy and attainable with the end-user at the forefront of every step forward.

With "THE FUTURE IS NOW" as its brand essence, Infinix aims to empower today’s youth to stand out from the crowd and show the world who they are.

The company’s portfolio of products is sold in more than 40 countries around the world, covering Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. Expanding at a phenomenal rate, Infinix grew an unprecedented 157% during 2019-2021 and has huge plans to continue creating flagship-level devices offering striking designs and strong value propositions.

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* Microsoft 365 is sold separately.


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