Humanforce Releases Solution to Help Employers Manage COVID-19 Vaccination Policies

Solution streamlines vaccine policy communication and tracking, after employees say they want their colleagues to be vaccinated

SYDNEY, Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As increasing vaccination rates become a primary path towards reopening Australia, local workers are indicating a preference to work in environments where their colleagues are vaccinated. To assist businesses in managing complex workplace vaccination issues, Humanforce, a provider of intelligent workforce management solutions, has released a solution to help organisations communicate and manage their policies.


"As Australian businesses have been significantly impacted by COVID-19 lockdowns and have needed to ensure the safety of employees and customers, encouraging and in some cases mandating vaccines in the workplace is being increasingly discussed." said Clayton Pyne, CEO of Humanforce "In fact, we’re already seeing vaccination mandates being enacted in high risk settings like residential aged care and even private enterprises, like Qantas, Virgin and food producer SPC.

"The challenge for workplaces who are introducing vaccine policies, is how they can effectively communicate, enforce and track these policies with their employees. An automated workforce management solution can help to streamline this process and ensure compliance, which is very important when dealing with such a high priority health issue affecting the safety of the entire workplace and wider community."

Recent research has shown that 67% of casual workers said they had been concerned about their health in the workplace during the pandemic and 79% said they would prefer if their colleagues were vaccinated.

"Given there is a strong desire amongst casual workers to complete their shifts in safe environments where those around them are vaccinated, the onus is on employers to formulate and communicate clear vaccination policies for the future," said Clayton.

Humanforce has released a solution to streamline workforce management for COVID-19 vaccinations, which will allow organisations to manage the vaccination policies that may apply to their workforce in the future, and to effectively communicate and track this. This will help managers to have one single source of truth when it comes to ensuring the people who need to be vaccinated within their workforce are, and at the right times.

Humanforce can support employers and employees with a solution featuring the following tools:

  • Create custom vaccination requirements, including expiration rules and allow upload of vaccination proof.
  • Automated communication of vaccination requirements to relevant employees.
  • Prevents people from being rostered on if they don’t meet vaccination requirements, ensuring compliance.
  • Single view of all employee vaccination status and any upcoming expirations.
  • Can collect vaccine status and proof from new employees during onboarding.

The Humanforce solution also supports contact tracing reporting amongst employees, should there be a positive COVID-19 case occur within the workplace. This helps employers to rapidly and accurately identify and report any workers who are contacts of a positive case.

Additionally, the solution helps to navigate and manage a number of new and complex leave types, including pandemic leave, that have been introduced in response to COVID-19.



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