Huion Unveils Inspiroy H420X, H580X, and H610X: Tenth Anniversary Special Edition to Empower Every Artist Around the World

SHENZHEN, China, April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — To celebrate the tenth anniversary, Huion announced three pen tablets of its Inspiroy series today, which are H420X, H580X, and H610X respectively. Available in three sizes, these pen tablets are built to meet more creative needs of different users as well as provide them with comfortable and natural drawing experience.

Huion Inspiroy H420X/H580X/H610X
Huion Inspiroy H420X/H580X/H610X


Huion Inspiroy H420X/H580X/H610X
Huion Inspiroy H420X/H580X/H610X

Inheritance of the classics

Over the past ten years, Huion has introduced a great number of products that have facilitated the creations of users around the world. As the successor products of Huion’s most popular pen tablets, H420X, H580X, and H610X feature the same advanced input technology and affordable price of their predecessors while taking the performance and exterior design to a new height.

New tablets to meet more needs

Huion designed these three pen tablets in a strict manner, H420X, H580X, and H610X all adopt a full cover panel design which reduce their thickness to less than 8mm. Rounded edges together with narrowed palm rest area create an ergonomic support to effectively reduce users’ hand fatigue. As the most compact and easy-to-carry pen tablet among these three devices, H420X boasts an improved report rate of 300PPS, creating a perfect device for playing OSU and quick sketching. While H580X and H610X that equipped with 8 programmable press keys and wider working area provide users with more choices for their productive creations.

Additionally, these pen tablets are designed with strong compatibility to give users seamless working experience with devices running Windows, macOS, Android, and ChromeOS. Digital pen PW100 that equipped with the advanced battery-free EMR technology and 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity ensures authentic and vivid lines to be rendered in different width and saturation as the pressure applied changed.

Core technology for good quality

"These special edition pen tablets greatly represent the original aspiration of Huion," says product officer Leo. "Powered by Huion self-developed handwriting reproducing technology and strict exterior design, the overall quality of these entry-level products were brought to a new level. As a professional supplier of handwriting input devices, Huion will remain steadfast in the mission to create and explore more exceptional products to empower every artist around the world to achieve more."

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