HUAWEI Ads showcases enhanced ad features and services at MWC 2022 to empower advertisers via its end-to-end industry-specific ad solutions

SINGAPORE, March 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) returned to Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022, showcasing the enhanced ad features and services of its programmatic digital advertising platform – HUAWEI Ads, which ran from 28 February to 3 March in Barcelona, Spain. 

HUAWEI Ads, the programmatic advertising marketplace by Huawei, showcasing the enhanced ad features and services including Universal App Campaign (UAC) mode and its Industry-specific ad solutions at MWC 2022.
HUAWEI Ads, the programmatic advertising marketplace by Huawei, showcasing the enhanced ad features and services including Universal App Campaign (UAC) mode and its Industry-specific ad solutions at MWC 2022.

HUAWEI Ads is a programmatic advertising marketplace designed specifically to enable advertisers and brands to reach and directly engage with millions of Huawei smart device and app users. Relying on Huawei’s mobile ecosystem, the ad marketplace interacts with the Huawei devices’ algorithms and architecture, making it the most effective platform for advertisers to reach over 730 million global Huawei device users across smartphones, PCs, and tablets.

Enhanced ad features and services to improve platform-wide efficiency

At MWC 2022, HUAWEI Ads showcased the enhanced Universal App Campaigns (UAC) mode. With the latest UAC, advertisers now only need to upload three ad creatives, the system can then automatically generate more than 400 variations based on the original versions, to greatly improve the platform-wide placement efficiency. The UAC mode also enables intelligent image creation and personalised colour matching, to feed ads based on the user’s preference.

Since its launch in HUAWEI Ads last year, UAC has been proven to reduce the ad installation cost by 87% compared to the traditional placement mode, and increase the click-through rate by 600%. 

New ad features are also being constantly added to improve ad efficiency and effectiveness. For instance, HUAWEI Ads has introduced ‘preset templates’ in the platform for advertisers to create customised ad landing pages with features such as lead generation form at ease. 

HUAWEI Ads has now expanded its operation to over 170 countries and regions worldwide. In addition to the full suite of Huawei’s native app resources such as AppGallery, Petal Search, and HUAWEI Video, there are over 36,000 third-party publishers and SSP platforms aggregated into the HUAWEI Ads network, helping advertisers to amplify their businesses, products, and services across multi-digital touchpoints. 

The HUAWEI Ads platform supports real-time and programmatic biddings, and precise targeting features such as lookalike audiences and retargeting. This ensures that the advertiser’s messages and placements are directed to the ideal users who fit their consumer demographics. Additionally, HUAWEI Ads provides tools such as Smart Bidding and Smart Banners, to give advertisers more control over the ad settings.

Industry-specific ad solutions drive higher advertising effectiveness

On top of the continuous expansion of placement options and bidding formats, HUAWEI Ads team provides end-to-end industry-specific ad solutions for gaming, e-commerce, entertainment, and finance advertisers to improve ad performance.

For instance, the livestream entertainment app Bigo Live, achieved 52% increase in app download and 5 times surge in app impression in German market by running Direct Deal Cost-Per-Download (CPD) campaign via HUAWEI Ads platform in Oct 2021. During the ad campaign period, Bigo Live app being featured in various placements within AppGallery, including the "Featured" app section, OOBE recommendations, "Top App" synced in HUAWEI Assistant·TODAY and more, to maximize ad displays and drive downloads.

In Malaysia, SYOK, a multilingual entertainment application, also experienced effective results through HUAWEI Ads solutions. SYOK’s app-installation campaign ran from May to July 2021 attained a high click-to-download rate of 18% at cost-per-install (CPI) which was 47% lower than the industry benchmark.

Plano, the Singapore-based health tech company advertised its science-based parental control and eye health app – "Plano" and its online eye check booking platform – "planoEyecheck" with HUAWEI Ads in December 2021. HUAWEI Ads optimized the ads targeting towards family audiences, which in return saw an increase of Plano app downloads over 150%. Moreover, the average monthly eye check bookings made on the platform during the campaign period also increased by 15 times.

Digital advertising demands have seen a sharp rise over years, driven by the increasing amount of time spent on mobile devices and the need for personalised experiences. In response to the market demand and to support advertisers’ growth, HUAWEI Ads is committed to continue to broaden its ad capabilities and solutions for a mutually beneficial digital advertising environment.

Advertisers interested in the HUAWEI Ads service can visit for more details.


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