EZVIZ launches new AI camera, the C6, boosting the smart home experience for families with pets and kids

Cute and easy to use, the EZVIZ C6 camera presents a smarter, AI-powered way for busy parents to keep an eye on their playful little ones.

HOOFDDORP, Netherlands, March 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EZVIZ, global leader in smart home technologies, unveiled its newest security camera, the C6, a tool to ease the anxiety of parents and pet owners. Boosted by Artificial Intelligence, the C6 sends users alerts upon detection of a variety of events, including people walking by, jumpy animals, and sudden loud noises. Now, even busy parents can check up on their home and family remotely. They can receive calls from the kids, get mobile notifications, and view any missed moment on the camera.  

EZVIZ C6 Smart AI Camera features multiple AI-enabled detection modes, making it perfect for parents and pet owners.
EZVIZ C6 Smart AI Camera features multiple AI-enabled detection modes, making it perfect for parents and pet owners.

Capture moments of love

Designed to be the ideal baby monitor or a pet camera, parents, pet owners, or anyone who needs to "see and care" for their home remotely will enjoy the advanced features of the C6.

The C6 pans and tilts to provide panoramic views of any indoor space, and renders every detail in 2K+ video clarity. With EZVIZ’s state-of-the-art AI algorithm, the C6 detects and records people and pet activities in particular, then sends automated alerts to free users from constantly checking their live video feed. Embedded AI empowers the C6 to track a moving object upon detection. This way, whether it’s the first time a baby walks past the camera or the dog plays with its tail, the C6 can capture and keep it.

Pets chasing a toy will not appear blurry in the camera’s vision, thanks to the 25 fps video recording capacity. The loud sounds such as a crying baby or a broken vase will be detected, as the C6 picks up sudden sharp noises as well. For needy children, when the camera detects a waving hand, a video call will be sent to the user’s mobile phone.

To protect privacy, EZVIZ designed an adjustable lens cover on the C6 housing. This cover can roll up to block the view so users can place the camera anywhere it is needed while blocking out sensitive and/or private areas. This multiplies installation flexibility while still delivering full monitoring and detection performance.

The C6 is made for any modern home where 24/7 companionship and security must be made possible by technology.  


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