How events go through pandemic; Voithru holds 1st Metaverse award ceremony

SEOUL, South Korea, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Voithru, a content-tech startup, held an awards ceremony this February for ‘Webtoon (a type of digital comic) translation competition’. The ceremony was held in the Metaverse platform ‘Gather-town’ which was suited for the pandemic and also for the company’s characteristics.

A group photo of prize winners from ‘Webtoon translation competition’
A group photo of prize winners from ‘Webtoon translation competition’

The competition started last October and was sponsored by ‘Korean Society of Translators’ and ‘Webtoon Association’. The competition proceeded in four language categories: translating from Korean to English, Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese. The competition was high. Among the 2,312 participants, 20 of them received awards; 1st prize winner received KRW 5 million and a debut as a specialized content translator, KRW 1 million for 2nd prize and KRW 0.5 million for 3rd prize each.  

The prize winners were chosen by thorough evaluation from authoritative professors and content translators who are active in the field. 

Eunseo Park, who won the 1st prize, said "It was a good chance to show my (translation) works to experts. It definitely improved my skills and I appreciate Voithru for offering all this."

Luther Lee, CEO of Voithru, said "We are pleased to express the charm of cultural content translation. To nurture global translators who can deal with a wider field of content, we would open up the event annually."

Additionally, Voithru used this contest to introduce a translation tool specially designed for Webtoon. It was rated 4.1 out of 5 in a user survey, indicating users were satisfied overall with the tool.


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