Gravity Game Hub Donates $10,000 USD to Charity Organizations in Singapore and Malaysia

As a way of celebratingRagnarokOnline Ascendance Official Launch and thanking the community for doubling pre-registration membership

SINGAPORE, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As of today, Gravity Game Hub Pte. Ltd., a publisher and developer focusing on online and mobile games, celebrates and officially starts RO Charity Drive in Singapore and Malaysia after achieving and doubling their pre-registration goal of 10,000 members (currently 25,000 and rising) on and before their Close Beta test events that started from the 19th of January till 22nd February 2022. The RO charity drive was initiated by Gravity Game Hub Pte. Ltd. to express their gratitude for the support given by the Malaysian and Singaporean community hence, they choose to give something back by donating to those in need. The RO charity drive is a joint effort started by the company along with their players whereby the company had set registration goals for the players to achieve to determine the amount of donations to be donated to the charity organizations.

Gravity Game Hub Pte. Ltd., will be donating a total of $10,000 USD, which will consist of meal purchase, toiletries, etc, to charity organizations in both Singapore and Malaysia, with a total of $5,000 USD to each country respectively. Below is the information of the charity organization that the company will be donating to:

PJ Caring Home (Malaysia)
An organization that provides homes for the mentally ill who are homeless or from poor income groups.
Pertubuhan Kebajikan Warga Emas Kenang Budi (Malaysia)
A non governmental and non-profit organization that shelters the abandoned old folks with difficulties or no dependence. 
Pertubuhan Kebajikan anak-anak yatim dan OKU Mesra Petaling Jaya (Malaysia)
A non governmental and non-profit disabled welfare center that provides comprehensive benefits for unfortunate children and people with disabilities.
Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Terencat Akal Malaysia (Malaysia)
An association that provides children with intellectual disabilities comprehensive and full-time support services, striving to build a safe and open living space.
PAWS Animal Welfare Society (Malaysia)
A non-profit animal shelter founded  by a small group of local and expatriate volunteers that depends entirely on the generosity of the public through donations or proceeds from charitable events organized and run by volunteers.
Second Chance Animal Society (Malaysia)
An animal shelter that follows a no-kill policy and aims to reduce the stray animals population and improve animal welfare.
Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home (Singapore)
Aims to provide shelter, care and protection for boys and girls between age 5 – 21 years old who come from low income, dysfunctional and abusive families in Singapore. The RO charity drive will be providing meal sponsorship for 100 residents and donation of required toiletries.
Metta Welfare Association (Singapore)
Provide social service programs for children care, disability care, medical care, special education and supported employment for youth in Singapore. The RO charity drive will be providing meal sponsorship for 160 residents and donation of face masks needed during the pandemic.

Gravity Game Hub Pte. Ltd. had visited the charity organizations on 28th February 2022 and managed to give out all the donation items on the day itself. "As the pandemic continues, Gravity Game Hub Pte. Ltd. wants to play our part to give back to society, hence we came up with the RO Charity Drive during this trying time," quoted by the COO of Gravity Game Hub Pte. Ltd.

About Gravity Game Hub

Established in 2021, Gravity Game Hub (GGH) Pte Ltd is a game publisher and developer focusing on online and mobile games. Gravity Game Hub is committed to delivering an interactive gaming experience and creating a dynamic community for all players in South East Asia. 

Gravity Game Hub is a subsidiary of GRAVITY Co., Ltd. (NasdaqGM: GRVY) a developer and publisher of online and mobile games headquartered in South Korea. The company is the creator of the globally recognized Ragnarok Online with over 120 million users worldwide.

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