Futu SG (moomoo), the 1st global digital brokerage, offers $0 platform fee*, $0 market data fee, lifetime $0 commission** on US stocks as markets rally despite conflicts and rising inflation

  • Futu Singapore ("Futu SG") ("moomoo") is the 1st global digital brokerage to offers $0 platform fee*, $0 market data fee, lifetime $0 commission** on US stocks for all
  • One-stop investing super app moomoo observed an uptick in interest amongst local investors to access US stock trading, with investors aged 40 and above emerging as the most active investors on the platform within their gender groups.
  • Futu SG (moomoo) to offer lifetime $0 commission** US stocks trading to its verified eligible clients.

SINGAPORE, April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fast-growing, popular financial trading platform moomoo has observed an emerging demand amongst Singaporean investors over the past year in US stocks trading. Despite soaring inflation, an impending recession, US options and equities have been booming on the moomoo platform, with tech and growth stocks leading the charge.

As part of its corporate initiatives to offer value to its users, Futu SG (moomoo) is introducing a lifetime $0 commission** for US stock trading. This will bring an enhanced investing experience for local investors who are looking to access the S&P500 and some high-growth stocks at attractive entry points for longer-term opportunities. 

Based on data from the moomoo trading application, the average Singaporean male investor traded about 40 times on US stocks in 2021, while the average Singaporean female investor traded about 24 times on US stocks.

Emerging at the top were male investors aged 40 and above who were the most active, trading about 52 times on average in 2021. The top female investors were also placed in the 40 and above group, trading on average 28.79 US stocks. However, trading on US stocks remains the lowest amongst Gen Z traders, with average trades of 21.16 and 11.59 made by males and females respectively.

Below is a summary of the 5 top-traded US Stocks on the moomoo platform, by gender.        

Top 5 most traded US stocks on moomoo:

   Male Investors


   Female Investors


1)    AMC AMC Entertainment


1)    AMC – AMC Entertainment


2)    FUTU – Futu Holdings


2)    AAPL – Apple


3)    AAPL – Apple


3)    FUTU – Futu Holdings 

4)    TSLA – Tesla


5)    NIO – Nio Inc


6)    NIO – Nio Inc


7)    TSLA – Tesla


Mr. Gavin Chia, Futu Singapore Managing Director said: "While global events can cause reservation amongst investors, we are pleased to observe sustained investor confidence in the market. We see both short- and long-term opportunity taking shape. The prevailing backdrop of market volatility highlights the importance of building resilience into stocks portfolio. We believe this is best achieved through diversification and a focus on quality, particularly on companies with strong business and financial fundamentals and healthy cash flow."

With easy access to investing, catapulted by the recent rise of digital trading platforms, more investors are leveraging on one-stop investment platforms with an innate understanding of the available technology to participate in the global investing landscape. This is being bolstered by the capabilities of trusted investment platforms such as moomoo that actively streamlines the process of investing, while providing a wide range of educational materials and an in-app community to foster learning opportunities through the in-app "moo" community, and timely research on individual shares.

Moomoo is now offering all eligible clients $0 platform fee*, $0 market data fee, liftime $0 commission** on US stocks from 13 April 2022 and onwards.

* 1 year free platform fee

**Terms and conditions apply, for more information, please visit https://j.futusg.com/00hzrn

About Futu Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Futu Singapore Pte. Ltd. (Futu SG) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Futu Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: FUTU), which is an advanced financial technology company transforming the investing experience by offering a digitised brokerage and wealth management platform. Futu enhances the user experience with market data, news, and powerful analytical tools. Futu also embeds social media tools to provide connectivity to all users, investors, companies, analysts, media and key opinion leaders.

In Singapore, Futu Singapore Pte. Ltd. (www.futusg.com) offers investment products for trading via the moomoo platform, and it is a capital markets services licence holder regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (Licence No. CMS101000).


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