Online ESL Platform Novakid Increases Its User Base and Adds New Features

SAN FRANCISCO, April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Novakid, Europe’s leading platform in ESL (English as a Second Language), sees 2021 with a significant increase in the number of their user base while also celebrating the release of their first online educational game world. Currently in their fifth year, Novakid has over 500,000 user base in 49 countries with 70,000 active users. Throughout 2021, more than 2.4 million classes were taught by Novakid teachers—twice the number of classes taught in 2020, proving the platform to be the number one online English language course for children as stated by J’son & Partners.

Product: IT Infrastructure Optimization

Every month in 2021, Novakid’s client base saw a 15% increase which prompted the necessary IT infrastructure optimization in order to accommodate busy teaching hours where up to 1,200 simultaneous lessons were hosted and more than 5,000 hours of video conference were processed on the platform.

Novakid Game World: Game-based English Lesson Program

In December 2021, Novakid released its first ESL product which combined educational enrichment and entertainment for students between 4 – 12 years old. Novakid Game World (NGW) is a story-based learning environment with mini-games and exercise activities. More than 82,500 students have joined Novakid Game World in its first virtual game, Novakid Magic Academy.

Novakid Game World
Novakid Game World

A new image: rocket-speed English learning

Developed together with BBDO/Proximity, Novakid introduced its new company identity in November 2021 to reflect the company’s growth due to the support and success of the students with a new icon and new tagline — ‘The Right Place to Start’.

Plans for 2022: Innovative solutions and new areas

In 2022, Novakid is focused on developing more quality and innovative educational English-learning contents with the plan to release a speech-training multiplayer game in NGW (Novakid Game World). This program is aimed to increase cooperation between students by implementing speech-to-text solutions and emotion analysis software.

Novakid is currently prioritising in strengthening its position in the market by increasing the qualification of their teachers, developing more content, and maintaining high customer service standards. Furthermore, Novakid also aims to gain a new global market in 2022. Learn more about Novakid here.


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