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Leading technological leaps across the industry

HONG KONG, Nov. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Organized by Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (FSTB) and InvestHK, Hong Kong FinTech Week 2022 (HKFTW), the fintech industry’s flagship event, commenced on 31 October. Futu Holdings Limited ("Futu" or the "Company") (Nasdaq: FUTU), a leading technology company in providing investment and wealth management services, is invited to deliver a speech on Digital Financial Ecosystem: Reshaping the future of the capital markets onsite. The Company’s CFO, Mr. Arthur Chen, shared Futu’s insights on the implications of cultivating a vibrant financial ecosystem to the financial services industry during the past decade.

Mr. Arthur Chen, Chief Financial Officer of Futu spoke at the Hong Kong Fintech Week
Mr. Arthur Chen, Chief Financial Officer of Futu spoke at the Hong Kong Fintech Week

The past ten years marked a decade of significant changes in an ever-evolving financial world, so to Futu, who just celebrated its 10th Anniversary. Arthur mentioned in his speech that the financial market had transformed businesses toward a user-first approach. Founded with the aspiration to offer better user experience and access to capital markets for all, the Company understands well that investing could be intimidating, leaving many investors feeling clueless, helpless, and tedious. Building a tech-empowered platform has been crucial in closing the asymmetry gaps in accessing market information and promoting financial participation among the broader population. Hence, Futu became the pioneer in using technology as a transformative catalyst to cultivate a platform for connecting users, retail and institutional investors, listed companies, and media.

Leverage technology to better serve unmet users’ needs, nurturing a digitalized financial ecosystem

Arthur said in his speech, facing the ever-changing capital markets, "We’re aware that financial services have to cater to the demand of investors through connecting users, retail and institutional investors, listed companies, and media. Building a tech-empowered platform has been crucial in closing the asymmetry gaps in accessing market information and promoting financial participation among the broader population." He continued, "We’re glad to see the entire financial services industry is transitioning from a product orientation to a user-centered one, focusing on delivering a differentiated user experience in client acquisition and retention. And it is the reason why Futu can stand out among its peers."

Better serve unmet demands with agility, empowering the ecosystem to thrive

As one of the industry leaders, Futu has been striving to streamline operations with technology and bring better services and products to the market. Futu is the first local brokerage to offer online account-opening services in Hong Kong, transformed the traditional approach, which often takes 2-3 working days to process. In the first half of 2022, Futu completed 130 version iterations and updated the characteristics of products 5301 times. One of the proud features was launching a customized color palette to enable users with Deuteranopia, or a red-green color deficiency, to improve their viewing experience of stock movements. The application of technology and strong R&D capabilities allow Futu to serve better-diversified users’ needs in an agile and effective manner. 

The customized user experience has become the core competitiveness of Futu in winning new market share in such a crowded market landscape. With nearly 20 million user bases, the ecosystem has attracted more and more international stakeholders to participate, fostering a self-reinforcing ecosystem.

Showcasing in the FinTech Week event to share innovative, tech-driven solutions

This year, Futu first exhibits in the FinTech Week event to showcase its innovative solutions for business development, corporate service, and product extension. The booth has attracted many investors, founders from start-ups, global leaders, and various financial practitioners and has become one of the hottest booths in the venue.

Leveraging on its vibrant financial ecosystem, comprehensive business model and over a decade of industry experience, Futu I&E, the corporate & institutional services brand under Futu Group, is well positioned to provide one-stop enterprise solutions throughout pre and post-listing. Futu I&E offers IPO distribution for HK & US stocks, one-stop Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) solutions, directed share program & international placement, investor relations & public relations, block trade & stock selling/repurchase, and institutional accounts and trading services[1]. As of the second quarter of 2022, Futu I&E served over 600 corporations, becoming the trusted partner of numerous well-known companies and institutions. Futu I&E reveals the industry is transforming in the age of digitalization, unlocking more business opportunities from new economies and innovative business scenarios.

About Futu Holdings Limited

Futu Holdings Limited ("Futu") (Nasdaq: FUTU) is an advanced technology company transforming the investing experience by offering a fully digitized brokerage and wealth management platform. Futu provides investing services – including stock trading and clearing, margin financing, wealth management, market data and information, and interactive social features for Hong Kong, US and China Connect stocks – to individual investors through its proprietary one-stop digital platforms, Futubull and moomoo. Futu also provides Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) solutions and IPO distribution services through its enterprise service brand FUTU I&E, with a focus on providing employee stock ownership plans to corporate clients. 

Futu aims to become an influential financial services platform globally by building a complete financial technology ecosystem with the mission of "making investing easier and not alone." For more information about Futu Holdings, please visit the Company’s official website at www.futuholdings.com.

About FUTU I&E

FUTU I&E is the corporate & institutional services brand under Futu Group. As of second quarter of 2022, Futu I&E has become a market leader by providing services for over 600 leading companies across various sectors. Throughout the listing process, FUTU I&E provides full-process services, including IPO Distribution, ESOP Management, IR & PR Services, International Placement & Directed Shares Program, Block Trade & Share Reduction, and Institutional Services. We are constantly improving and optimising our products and services in order to create a fintech ecosystem that connects listed companies with primary and secondary investors.

[1] Services are provided by the licensed subsidiaries under Futu



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