EthereumMax Catches the Eye of Bigger Exchanges

MIAMI, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — EthereumMax has one of the strongest crypto communities on the market! The power that this community garners while growing to over 100K holders in a month is astounding. True credit is given to their ability to get eMax listed on the MXC exchange by using the power of their voices! The eMax community brought eMax onto the MXC exchange by recommending it to the well educated MXC Global developers via telegram and email.


"We are very excited and honored to be added on the MXC Exchange platform." – GP, eMax

This exchange adds the trendiest new coins and tokens into a 60 day assessment where they will either be delisted or live full time after the trial period. We look forward to the potential volume of trades made on this new exchange which allows international traders and US traders to engage with the eMax token easily.

MXC currently accounts for 5% of the global digital asset market and is one of the top leading worldwide crypto trading platforms as being ranked 97th in the crypto market **. MXC maintains over 139 Billion USDT trading volume, in a 24 hour period.

MXC has been awarded by professional blockchain media the titles of "The Most Popular Trading Platform" and one of the "Best Trading Platforms".

eMax is currently listed on LBank, Uniswap,1inch, Sushi Swap, HotBit, Alt5, Bkex, Bilaxy and now the Singapore based MXC exchange. This is eMax’s first non-ETH pairing, and its first EMAX & USDT pairing. Let’s continue exposing eMax to the world.

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