Built-in AI Vision Sensor, Smart Tracking for All Platforms,Hohem iSteady V2 available Online Now

SHENZHEN, China, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hohem launched the latest smartphone gimbal iSteady V2 which is able to track smartly and independently without any app requirements based on its own built-in AI vision sensor. It allows users to use various livestream, video and beauty camera apps for smart tracking.

When using iSteady V2, you only need to turn on the AI visual sensor on the top of the gimbal, and control it remotely by showing gestures. For instance, take an OK gesture to turn on the smart tracking, show a palm gesture to turn off the smart tracking, thumbs-right for switching to portrait mode, and thumbs-up for switching to landscape mode. In addition, the AI vision sensor is also able to recognize the contour of the human body, so it can keep following your movement even you turn your back on it.

When shooting, you can customize the portrait position through the AI calibration setting in Hohem Pro app, which allows you to adjust the position you want to appear on the screen. iSteady V2 will fix this position after setting up and also support you to take your desired photo composition when using other camera apps. Besides, another new feature of iSteady V2 is a built-in three adjustable brightness level LED video light. It applies a unique diamond prism design to create natural soft light and fulfill your different needs.

iSteady V2 is compact and foldable, and weighing only 263g. It can fold down to the size of a smartphone and can be put in a lady’s small handbag, which is very easy to carry and convenient for outdoor shooting. iSteady V2 is available on Hohem Official Store, Hohem Amazon Store Black, Hohem Amazon Store White, and Hohem AliExpress Store.

About Hohem

Hohem is a global leading gimbal technology company with a strong ability on independently-developed technique, production, and sales. As Hohem always believe ‘Make the moment, Enjoy it’, what Hohem wants to convey is that everyone is a life recorder, every moment of life is worth recording, and pleasure makes all meaningful.

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