Ethanim metaverse infrastructure launch event held in Tokyo

TOKYO, Feb. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It is reported that the Ethanim metaverse infrastructure launch event was held at Kazan Kaikan in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo on February 8. Andy Suzuki, the Japanese representative of Bango plc, was invited as an important guest and shared his views on stage. With the theme of "Make applications eternal and decentralize the metaverse," Ethanim CEO Takaaki Ansai detailed the reasons for the birth, vision, business logic, and development plan of Ethanim. Among the guests, the experts and opinion leaders from fintech, online games, anime and other industries were also invited.

Andy Suzuki
Andy Suzuki

At the launch, Andy Suzuki said that he is researching the content delivery and payment in the metaverse space based on the blockchain. He is very optimistic about the decentralization idea of large-scale applications proposed by Ethanim, has high hopes for Ethanim’s future development, and expects Ethanim to do something that will shock the world.

Andy Suzuki is a former official of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and later worked in marketing for Oki Electric Industry (a Japanese listed company founded in 1881 as the first manufacturer of electronic communications equipment in Japan) and Huawei Japan. Bango has direct billing relationships with hundreds of mobile operators around the world. According to the Progressive Equity Research, "Bango dominates the third-party carrier billing market, accounting for more than 40% of all direct carrier billing connections to app stores).

In addition, in response to Andy Suzuki’s speech at the launch, Ethanim CEO Takaaki Ansai said that he was very grateful for Mr. Suzuki’s approval and expectation. The Ethanim’s vision is to use blockchain technology to decentralize large-scale applications and build a metaverse infrastructure platform. Ethanim wants to bring new changes to the metaverse industry through trusted computing and technology, and bring new changes to the metaverse industry. Next, Ethanim will release the progress of the project according to the plan, which will give a surprise to everyone. Let us wait and see.

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