DeepBrain AI demonstrates AI capabilities with rendering of presidential candidate

SAN MATEO, Calif., Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — "Artificial Intelligence (AI) Yoon Suk-yeol," created with DeepBrain AI’s AI Human solution, has appeared at the inauguration ceremony of the People’s Power Party Central Election Countermeasures Committee held at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 6th, drawing attention from the crowd. On a big screen, AI Yun Suk-yeol said, "Are you surprised that I resemble candidate Yoon so much?" without any abnormality perfectly imitating Candidate Yoon. In the video, AI Yoon Suk-yeol also expressed his bold aspirations, saying, "I will visit the people everywhere, from east to west." As the avatar of Candidate Yoon, he is going to campaign in a place where it is difficult for him to personally visit.

Image from AI presidential candidate Yoon's online speech.
Image from AI presidential candidate Yoon’s online speech.

The principle of making DeepBrain AI’s AI human is as follows. Artificial Intelligence learns hundreds of hours of recorded video to learn the person’s voice, accent, and gestures. When provided with a script, an AI Human created through the process would pronounce the script as the actual person. This includes AI speech synthesis, video synthesis, and natural language processing technology. Once the AI Human is trained, it can reduce the time and cost of having to record a real person every time a video content is made. Depending on how it is taught, real-time communication with people is also possible.

As the technological advancements and evaluations of AI humans are increasing, inquiries have also been increasing in various industries. In the broadcasting field, AI anchors and announcers are actually conducting news. Not only that, AI humans with simple communication are also emerging. In August of this year, a kiosk with a built-in AI human appeared at the 7-Eleven convenience store. This AI human answers questions about promotion, events and nearing information.

The introduction of AI bankers is already active in the financial industry. KB Bank has introduced kiosks where AI bankers appear on screens in offline branches. Currently, they only work on basic objectives, but they plan to expand their duties to account inquiries and transfers. In October of last year, an education company, Kyowon, launched a digital education platform called ‘AiCANDO’, where ‘AI Tutor’ appeared. AI Human of popular YouTuber Dottie appears to help with learning.

Actual use case of DeepBrain AI in Financial, Broadcasting Education and Retail industry.
Actual use case of DeepBrain AI in Financial, Broadcasting Education and Retail industry.

More about DeepBrain Ai

DeepBrain AI is one of the top global companies that possess both deep learning-based video synthesis and voice synthesis source technology. The technology can be implemented in various forms regardless of industry fields such as AI announcer, AI anchor, AI banker, AI tutor, AI show host, AI kiosk, AI video consultation, AI concierge, AI doctor, AI lawyer and many more.

DeepBrain AI CEO Eric Jang said, "As a result of acquiring a clear competitive edge in the field of artificial intelligence recognized domestically as well as globally, we were able to successfully secure the Series B investment last August. To be reborn as a global leading company, we will actively strive to expand business scale and develop new technologies with AI human solution."


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