Allschool Embraces 2022 with its First New Year Letter to All Global Teachers for Their Remarkable Contribution

Teachers reciprocated with their own thank-you videos

SINGAPORE, Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Allschool ("the Company"), an innovative online education platform, has sent out a holiday letter to all its teachers to thank them for their amazing contributions throughout a challenging 2021 as the Company ends the year and looks forward to 2022. To reciprocate, Allschool teachers also recorded videos to express their gratitude for the platform.



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In a company-wide letter, Allschool said that it was no small feat launching during such a challenging year and the teachers "were all instrumental in this amazing accomplishment" to make Allschool possible.

"Parents are excited about having their children learn from our charismatic and expert cohort of teachers, and teachers are thrilled with the level of support coming from our Allschool support staff," Allschool wrote in the letter.

Founded in Singapore, Allschool officially launched its online education platform in the second half of 2021 and has been running classes since then. The majority of teachers come from a background related to education, with expertise in general education, elementary education, child and youth development, as well as early childhood education. The Company places the utmost confidence in its professional team of teachers, who have 15 years of teaching experience on average, according to data from the platform.

In order to fully ensure education quality and credibility, Allschool has partnered with a leading background check and screening company to review the qualifications of the teachers. Specifically, it requires all teachers to pass criminal record checks, and they need to go through manual verification by submitting photos of themselves holding their identification.

To provide students with multicultural experiences, Allschool has brought together teachers from five continents. Currently, over 80% of them based in the United States and the Company is committed to expanding its teacher team globally.

Allschool has also been making efforts to diversify its course offerings ensuring there’s something of interest for all ages. It currently features a huge range of subjects catering for kids aged 3-18 years, such as arts, English, coding and technology, health and wellness, life skills, math, music, science and nature, social studies, world languages and Chinese. Some of the most popular courses include public speaking, science and nature, English and math.

Meanwhile, the Company has a built-in Help Desk on the platform to support its teachers. Specifically, Allschool works with the teachers to prepare their curricula presentation on theme, content and structure, with a 24-hour support team to help the teachers best deliver their work. Allschool has also formed a tight-knit Facebook community where teachers can communicate with Allschool’s support staff and discuss diverse topics varying from professional teaching skills to sharing their in-class experiences.

"Allschool is such a wonderful company. You can tell they truly care about creating the best learning experience possible," said Becky Zerr, who teaches English language and arts on Allschool.

Melissa Muir, who teaches public speaking and writing composition on Allschool, said she has enjoyed creating her own content to meet learners where they are. "My greatest wish for them in the coming year is to see their continued growth and to see them having fun in class," she said.

To celebrate the new year, Allschool will announce the result of a previously held virtual "treasure hunt" game starting from PST 7 p.m. on January 6 via YouTube livestreaming for those who purchased Allschool courses. 

About Allschool

Founded in Singapore, Allschool is an innovative online platform that delivers highly interactive small-group live classes to children worldwide. Through Allschool, learners can enjoy a variety of premium live classes – including mathematics, languages, visual arts, game design, and more – delivered by thousands of devoted and talented teachers from all around the world. 

An expert in online education, Allschool has developed a set of innovative purpose-built teaching and learning tools that bring meaningful changes to learning outcomes, allowing students to immerse themselves in a rewarding, gamified, and interactive environment that empowers them to explore and pursue their interests while making schooling fun and enjoyable.

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