Datawords and Whatsquare reinvent the customer relationship and the role of sales associates in a post-COVID world

HONG KONG, Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Datawords, the global leader in Multicultural Technologies, is proud to launch its new e-Sales Connect platform, designed to reinvent the role of sales associates and improve the customer experience online. Developed by its Whatsquare team in Hong Kong and based on an AI-powered customization engine, this new solution allows brands to better connect their online and offline ecosystems while empowering sales associates at brick-and-mortar stores, by offering the ability to provide personalized services to customers through messaging.

With the world of retail durably transformed by the impact of COVID-19 and changing behavioral patterns, the platform developed by Datawords / Whatsquare creates a direct link between a store-based brand expert and an existing or potential consumer at the onset of their online journey. As such, it’s an effective way for stores and corners to generate online traffic and vice versa.

In the context of restrained movements in many geographies, and of consumers reluctant to spend too much time in stores, the platform allows brands to optimize and leverage the expertise of their salesforce, thus extending and enhancing their advisory role through technology.

Specifically, the innovative platform built by Datawords / Whatsquare creates a bridge between physical stores and e-commerce, extending and enriching the shopping experience by allowing the customer to ask questions and the salesperson to propose adapted promotions and services—dependent only on the consumer’s engagement with the brand on social media (WeChat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.).

Based on a user’s location, the platform is able to suggest a nearby point of sale and link them to the salespeople in store, via a QR code system. The latter can then make customized purchase proposals by referring the consumer to an e-commerce site.

E-Sales Connect: our latest innovation to enhance customer service
E-Sales Connect: our latest innovation to enhance customer service

The platform has already been implemented with great success by Datawords / Whatsquare for major brands including BMW, L’Oreal, and L’Occitane.

Katherine Pei, co-founder of Whatsquare, explains: "We are very proud to add this new e-Sales Connect platform to our set of tailor–made multilingual solutions that enable data flows and conversational commerce between all messaging platforms, websites, mobile applications and now retail stores. Designed for retailers, our platform delivers personalized and enhanced customer service thanks to the combination of technology and expertise from the sales associates."

"In the current environment, our platform helps to animate points of sale while reinforcing the online/offline link and offering a practical solution to customers who wish to limit the length of their shopping trips while still benefiting from expert advice. On our side, we take care of the creation and maintenance of the platform, which is easy to roll out and duplicate. We are convinced of the potential of this solution, which has started to be implemented in Asia and can be applied to any type of retail store (from luxury to car distribution), anywhere in the world," adds Christophe Jourdain, Asia General Manager at Datawords.

About Whatsquare

Whatsquare creates tailor–made multilingual solutions that enable data flows and conversational commerce between all messaging platforms (including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, and WeChat for different regions), websites and mobile applications. Designed for retailers and brands, it automatically recommends products, provides customer service and delivers personalized stories. Whatsquare was co-founded in 2016 by Katherine Pei and Leeds Sheung and acquired by the Datawords Group in November 2019. Based in Hong Kong, the company is deploying its technology for international brands across APAC regions. More info on

About Datawords

Created in 2000, Datawords combines a mastery of local cultures with technological expertise to roll out international strategies for major global brands across all digital platforms. Headed by a team of co-founders, Datawords has a presence in Europe, Asia and America. The group offers unmatched proficiency in multicultural technologies and stands out from the pack with the exceptional diversity of its 800 employees, representing over 50 nationalities and more than 60 languages. Datawords recorded a €70M turnover in 2019. The Datawords Group continues to grow with ground-breaking companies like Vanksen, Wezen, 87 Seconds and Whatsquare.

Learn more about the Datawords Group at and on LinkedIn.

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