Amazon Unveils the Proposed Design for Their HQ2 and it is Stunning

Amazon has recently unveiled the jaw-dropping design for their second headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, and it looks like it came straight from a sci-fi film set in the future. “Despite many of our employees working from home at this time, we view our Arlington headquarters as a long-term investment,” stated Amazon upon boasting their future HQ2.

“Today (February 2, 2021), we submitted our proposed development plans for the second phase of new construction for our Arlington headquarters,” stated John Schoettler, Vice President of Global Real Estate and Facilities at Amazon.

According to Schoettler, their plans was designed by leading architecture firm NBBJ. “Our plans also infuse nature into the urban landscape and create a unique, sustainable environment where our employees can work and invent for our customers,” Schoettler further described.

Schoettler also stated that their designs aim to bring people closer to nature to further nurture innovation and creativity. Looking at the photos showcased by Amazon, their HQ2 will indeed bring people closer to nature as it will be surrounded by nature itself.


“We hope that the blend of architectural and ecological elements at PenPlace—the name of the site—will inspire those who work here and serve as an inviting place for neighbors to gather, relax, dine, and shop.”

– John Schoettler

Amazon HQ2 Highlights

  • 2.8 million square feet of new office space distributed across three 22-story buildings
  • A workplace for their employees designed for collaboration, natural light, and a constant interaction with nature
  • A true double helix in shape and structure
  • Will feature two walkable paths of landscaped terrain that will spiral up the outside of the building
  • A variety of inviting open spaces totaling more than 2.5 acres will be accessible for public use
  • An amphitheater facing a spacious central green will be able to accommodate outdoor concerts, farmers’ markets, and movies in the park
  • A forest grove will offer more shaded areas
  • Retail pavilions and restaurants will be conveniently located throughout the site
  • Rooms for a childcare center, a dog run, and a food truck area with plentiful outdoor seating also planned to be included
  • A dedicated 20,000-square-foot community space that can support educational initiatives
  • Pedestrian-focused and bicycle friendly

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