d’Alba Premium Vegan Brand, White truffle first spray serum has exceeded 90,000 reviews

SEOUL, South Korea, March 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The white truffle first spray serum, the main product of premium vegan brand d’Alba, surpassed 10 million global cumulative sales in January this year. Despite the difficult market due to COVID-19 last year, the solid brand power in the domestic market allowed continuous increase in sales in the global market through e-commerce channels such as Amazon (USA), Qoo10 (Japan), Wildberries (Russia), and Shopee (Indonesia) etc.

d’Alba Premium Vegan Brand, White truffle first spray serum have exceeded 90,000 reviews
d’Alba Premium Vegan Brand, White truffle first spray serum have exceeded 90,000 reviews

The main product of d’Alba, the white truffle first spray serum, provides nutrients and hydration with a known superfood, avocado oil, and one of the rare and excellent antioxidants, white truffle infused essence, forming a double-layered structure. This all-in-one product can give both effects of a serum and a mist by simply shaking, so the oil and essence layers mix thoroughly, and spraying after cleansing. 

With its excellent ingredients, quality, and ease in use, d’Alba’s white truffle spray serum has recently achieved more than 90,000 reviews in "Naver SHOPPING", Korea’s largest e-commerce channel. The record of 90,000 reviews for a single product is hardly found in other brands and other skincare categories, indicating that d’Alba has become a reliable brand for many consumers for a long time.

d’Alba is receiving good reviews not only from beauty creators but also from general consumers. During the year of 2021, a total of 1,262 beauty YouTubers in Korea voluntarily published a total of 24,510 unsponsored content with 4,221 brands. Among them, d’Alba ranked first in the skincare category, verifying that it is a brand loved by beauty creators. The d’Alba white truffle vital spray serum ranked first in the category after a fierce competition of 1,434 to 1.

The reason for the belief in d’Alba products from general consumers and beauty creators can be found in its excellent quality. Rare raw materials, especially the high quality Italian white truffles, are infused in all products, and all of them have completed hypoallergenic tests. Recently, it has been continuing its vegan campaign by obtaining the Italian vegan V-label certification, known for its pickiness, and releasing a ‘Suite Healing with d’Alba package’ through collaboration with Grand Hyatt Hotel, Seoul. Through this, d’Alba is ranked No. 1 in preference among vegan brands conducted by the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute and is strengthening its branding as a premium vegan brand.

The d’Alba white truffle first spray serum is growing rapidly not only in Korea but also in United States. It has also been acknowledged in the U.S. market by receiving 455 ratings and 4.5/5.0 rating over the past year in Amazon. The d’Alba white truffle first spray serum entered TOP 100 of the Amazon ‘FACE MIST’ Category in December 2021. After an event was held in March to commemorate the 7th anniversary of d’Alba’s foundation, it ranked fifth in the ‘FACE MIST’ category.


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