Fourdesire and Red Candle Games Team Up to Launch Storytelling Alarm Clock App Book Morning!

TAIPEI, March 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fourdesire announced today it has partnered with the popular game developer Red Candle Games to create Book Morning! — a storytelling alarm clock app. The goal is to help users improve their bedtime routine and offer a fun way to get up in the morning.

New Book Morning! app offers a fascinating way to make users love their mornings
New Book Morning! app offers a fascinating way to make users love their mornings

As part of its core value of "playful wellness", Fourdesire has recently released the new Book Morning! app, to make mornings easier for users. Considered a reinterpretation of the bedtime stories concept, Book Morning! is a unique alarm app that tells "good morning stories" to help users wake up. In this app, the user becomes an assistant of the astronomer Dr. Wakey and can unlock new chapters of the story by getting up in time each day. There are three stories to choose from: "Far as Cielo", — a story about war and racial oppression — the suspenseful campus story "The Last Cat Alive" and the sci-fi, galaxy-themed "No Place Like Home", adapted from Fourdesire’s award-winning, galaxy-adventure app, Walkr.

Book Morning! is a collaborative effort with Red Candle Games, the Taiwanese video game developer best known for its psychological horror games "Devotion" and "Detention". The games are often Asian-inspired fantasies, blending sci-fi elements with intriguing Eastern mythology.

"While ‘Devotion’ and ‘Detention’ have accumulated a solid fan base worldwide, our goal is to continue building a diversified portfolio with innovative products to entice our fans," Dongyu Jiang (Dongdong), game producer of Red Candle Games said. "Our cooperation with Fourdesire is a win-win for all. In recognition of Fourdesire’s dazzling popularity globally, this alliance will position us for further growth and broaden our reach to a new audience."

The collaboration demonstrates a rare convergence of two creative teams. It allows Fourdesire to leverage Red Candle Games’ great narrative capabilities while providing a playful tool to help users address everyday issues.

"We are delighted to collaborate with Red Candle Games on this new initiative," said Wei-Fan Chen, CEO and Co-Founder of Fourdesire. "The original concept was to wake users up and engender love for their mornings using a story. Red Candle Games is at the top of their game in terms of storytelling, hence they are our first choice as a business partner."

"By teaming up with Red Candle Games," Chen continued, "We aim to encourage those who struggle to start their day with an engaging storytelling experience. In this pandemic era, there is more and more emphasis on physical and mental health. At Fourdesire, we hope to motivate our users to maintain their well-being through our apps and accompany them on a fun-filled life journey."

Book Morning! will be available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store after March 24, 2022. To learn more and download the Book Morning! app, please visit:


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