Dable Partners with Arkadia Digital Media to provide Personalized Content Recommendation

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dable, Asia’s No.1 content discovery platform, has announced a partnership with PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk.(Arkadia Digital Media), an independent and integrated digital media group on 11th November.

Dable Partners with Arkadia Digital Media to provide Personalized Content Recommendation
Dable Partners with Arkadia Digital Media to provide Personalized Content Recommendation

With this partnership, Dable will provide its personalized content recommendation solution ‘Dable News’ on news portals operated by Arkadia Digital Media. It manages various portals namely Suara.com, Matamata.com(celebrity and entertainment), Bolatimes.com(soccer and sports) and Hitekno.com(technology and gadget), Dewiku.com(female lifestyle), Mobimoto.com(automotive and motorsports), Guideku.com(travelling and F&B), and Himedik.com(health and medical).

Dable, based in South Korea, is a media tech company with world-class big data and personalization technologies. It provides personalized content recommendations by analyzing the visitor’s behavior and the individual’s consumed content in real-time. Dable helps visitors to consume more content and increase spend time on the publisher’s website through Dable widgets such as, ‘Content you may like’.

Dable offers publishers opportunities to create additional revenue. Dable captures the visitor’s interest through ‘Dable News,’ and then exposes ‘Dable Native Ad’ that brings up ads with the similar UI as of the articles in the recommended widget. Unlike other native ads that bombard visitors with ads, Dable Native Ad obtains high performance by showing ads based on the visitor’s interests. If a visitor is reading travel articles, he will be shown airline ticket ads. 

Publishers can also analyze data through Dable’s dashboard, provided to any partnered media. Publishers can check website logs and various statistics which helps improve their competitiveness. Dable’s dashboard not only provides the CTR center that indicates the traffic, page views, and number of visitors, but also various article statistics such as ‘Popular Content Ranking’, ‘Popular Content by Visitors’ and ‘Perused Content’. 

"We hope that Dable will improve user satisfaction by providing valuable news and information to the reader, as well as the opportunity to spread Arkadia Digital Media’s influence in the market through various statistical data and insights provided by Dable," said Bram Bravo, the Digital Ad Ops & Programmatic Manager of Arkadia Digital Media. "Dable is a very advantageous native ad platform. Aside from increasing revenue from advertising, the related article machine learning platform could also help to increase the time visits from Suara.com readers. Moreover, we are able to adjust the design and format to fit the look in some of our vertical domains."

Dable CEO, Chaehyun Lee said, "It is an honor to hold a partnership with Arkadia Digital Media. Our diversity in media proves that Dable’s platform can work well in various settings with different types of audience. We hope to expand our network on building awareness as the one-stop solution platform to optimize media performance by providing good quality content as well as generate additional revenue."

Dable embarked its service for the Indonesian market in 2017. Dable is growing rapidly through partnerships with more than 200 premium Indonesian media including Arkadia Digital Media, Tempo Inti Media, Kapanlagi Youth Network, Jawapos, and Kompas Gramedia.



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