CZUR Launches a Brand New Indiegogo Campaign for the ET24 Pro Document Scanner

SHENZHEN, China, March 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CZUR TECH CO., LTD (CZUR) is a well-known service as the inventor of the smart book scanner. It will launch its latest crowdfunding campaign for CZUR ET24Pro on Mar. 29, Incomparable Professional Book Scanner, which has some major improvements. 

As companies shifted to WFH, a huge demand for smart scanners came to be. CZUR filled the gap with the supply of arguably the smart gadgets in this niche.   

A smart scanner is an invaluable tool for researchers and students. CZUR ET24Pro scanner delivers crisp, clear scans with a higher resolution (320 DPI) thanks to an HD CMOS 24-megapixel sensor.

This document scanner features a proprietary curve flatten algorithm and AI technology to create the perfect scanned copies. Users no longer have to flatten book pages at the bookbinding manually. The scanner utilizes pixel transformation technology to flatten the page virtually. Each scanning takes as fast as 1.5s. The technology is compatible with Mac OS 10/11 and above. It also supports Windows XP/7/8/10/11. What’s more, it can support Linux systems now. Also, the scanner features sidelights that soften the reflection while scanning glossy surfaces.


The OCR supports 186+ languages, making it a truly global device. You can easily change the scanned pages into editable files, and it supports Word, Excel, and PDF files. Additionally, the device supports video recording. This feature enables you to develop smart presentations with scanned copies easily. Besides, you can also connect it with Zoom and other live stream tools to display the scanned results directly.

The operation is extremely easy with a convenient floor pedal technology. You can also use the hand button if that is more convenient. This feature makes it an extremely convenient device for professionals who constantly need to process document files. CZUR believes that technological innovations can have a major positive impact on how we work. The ET24 Pro conforms with this vision.

To pre-order a CZUR ET24Pro, please visit:

About CZUR

Founded in 2013, CZUR develops smart hardware solutions for enterprises and individuals. Its smart office appliances include the latest technologies and human touch to improve work efficiency in work environments fundamentally. Its product lines cover hardware, PC services, cloud services, web services, app development, and algorithms.

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