City of Kaohsiung warming up for 2022 SCSE and vowed to shape Kaohsiung into a key player of global Smart City

TAIPEI, Dec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Kaohsiung City Government held a smart application results announcements and presentations at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall on the 15th, and at the same time kicked off the 2022 Smart City Summit & Expo in Kaohsiung, according to Institute for Information Industry. Minister Kung Ming-Hsin of National Development Council stated that the two major factors of international cooperation with Taiwan are semiconductors and smart cities. Kaohsiung is on the global trend. At present, TSMC, semiconductor equipment and materials manufacturers have successively entered Kaohsiung, which was unimaginable a year and a half ago. Kaohsiung plays a very important role in the promotion of smart cities. It has become a hub for Taiwan’s output in smart cities. It not only replicates the successful model to Southeast Asian countries, but also moves forward in Europe and the world.

City of Kaohsiung warming up for 2022 SCSE and vowed to shape Kaohsiung into a key player of global Smart City
City of Kaohsiung warming up for 2022 SCSE and vowed to shape Kaohsiung into a key player of global Smart City

Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai said in a speech that Kaohsiung is facing urban transformation, which is also an excellent opportunity to develop 5G and AIoT. Kaohsiung’s traditional industries such as CPC Corporation, China Steel Corporation and Taiwan Power Company will assist start-up companies to solve the difficulties encountered in traditional manufacturing in the past and accelerated the digital transformation of traditional industries. Digital Minister Audrey Tang said that Kaohsiung hopes to extend the spirit of smart city co-creation to the world. This is also the most important spirit of Kaohsiung in promoting smart cities.

Kaohsiung Deputy Mayor Charles Lin said that among the smart city achievements, the most critical and the most characteristic of Kaohsiung is the establishment and operation of cross-domain platforms, which are closest to the backbone of citizens’ lives, such as the green energy management information integration platform, smart water conservancy monitoring, one-stop emergency rescue, smart transportation center and CPC construction information center.

The 2022 Smart City Summit and Expo will be held in Kaohsiung City from March 24th to 26th next year. The exhibition venue extends from Taiwan’s largest 5G AIoT demonstration site "Asia’s New Bay Area 5G AIoT Innovation Park". The entire Kaohsiung City Will become a theme pavilion for Smart Cities. Representatives of cities and companies from the new southbound countries will be invited to participate in the "Kaohsiung Night" featuring local cuisine and ocean romance in Kaohsiung to actually experience Kaohsiung and create new opportunities for the overseas development of domestic and foreign industries.


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