CASE Remote Air: The Future of Photography

Case Camera Air Functions

Photography is just one of the hobbies-slash-profession that people are loving because of its ability to capture the best moments whether it’s a simple birthday party or chasing a storm. Photography is a big industry and it is very much needed especially in the fast-paced world of today. However, not everyone is born to be a good photographer and practiced photographers even have difficulty catching up with the latest cameras and equipment that definitely costs a lot of money all to capture that perfect moment in their lives.

Case Camera Air Live View

Face it, being a photographer seems easy but there are plenty of technicalities that go into it like lighting because it can make or break the photo. Thus, the CASE Remote Air is invented to address your photography needs and issues. The CASE Remote Air is a gadget to assist photographers to control their DSLR cameras. Simply connect it to your camera via USB and the device will create a WiFi hotspot where your smartphone can connect. Viola! It is now possible for you to control your camera through the app. It supports well-known cameras like Nikon and Canon and it also supports four operation systems for more convenience.

Case Camera Air Functions

The CASE Remote Air is available as an Indiegogo campaign where you can support the campaign and get one for as low as $119 compared to various camera accessories in the market. The handy device is great for neophyte to advanced photographers who would like to put their shots to the next level.

Case Camera AIR


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