Go to work as if you’re in a 3D Video Game!

Since the start of the pandemic brought about by the emergence of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19, many teams all over the world have been divided due to restrictions and work from home arrangements.

Up until this moment, some work teams may still have chosen not to go back to their regular set-up, physically going to their office from day to day, but with today’s technology advancement, they aren’t entirely disconnected.

Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Slack, are just some of the many present technologies which could help in reconnecting teams despite the distance.

Furthermore, other than these famous video conferencing and chatting tools, there’s also this social hub called the Breakroom which can enable teams to go beyond video conferencing.

The Breakroom Virtual World

The Breakroom is a standalone virtual world that can bring people together in safe, fun, and secure virtual spaces.

This virtual world is built on the Sinespace virtual world platform which is a registered trademark of Sine Wave Entertainment Limited.

What Breakroom has to Offer

Have you ever tried playing any simulation games or role-playing games?

Breakroom offers almost the same vibe and visuals as some of the RPG games you’ve already encountered.

However, within the Breakroom, you’ll rather be doing your work or at least attend conferences instead of increasing for your in-game stats and unlocking new levels.

Want to have a glimpse how thing go around the Breakroom? Here’s a short video published by the Sine Wave Entertainment on their YouTube Channel on April 9, 2020:

According to Sinespace, the functionality of the Breakroom includes full suite of communication tools (VOIP, IM and inworld email); video conferencing, video sharing and conferencing tools; media sharing and desktop sharing tools; branded exhibition stands; event management system; mature APIs for integrating other enterprise applications; and In world building and scene editing.

Its content includes Exhibition halls, Corporate headquarters, Amphitheaters, Open plan offices, Private offices, student common rooms, Cinema and screening rooms, Breakout rooms, Explorable regions, Extensive avatar customization, and a lot more.

The Goal of Breakroom

In an interview with VentureBeat, Sine Wave Entertainment CEO Rohan Freeman said that “Some people are used to working at home, but for a lot of people, it really isn’t like that. That absence of a social graph is why we started to build the product.”

According to Freeman, the goal is to have all of the functionality that you would get from a standard conferencing like Zoom or GoToMeeting such as chat and voice over IP, desktop sharing, webcam sharing, and so on.

Alongside those are all the other activities that people from within one organization can come and do together despite only being able to connect virtually.

Who else wants to Enter their Office as if their Entering a 3D Video Game?

Do you think Sinespace’s Breakroom is such a cool place to get going with your video conferences at work? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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