RedDoorz: A Hospitality Startup Growing Bigger!

Booking Through a Mobile App

Booking a hotel room went from walk-in booking and phone calls to online booking through the hotel’s website, to online booking through an Online Travel Agency. That was how the booking process went from convenient to extra convenient, but just when you think that it could no longer get easier from that point, hotel booking through a mobile app suddenly becomes a thing.

Hospitality Startups

Few of the leading names when it comes to being a hospitality company who has a mobile app for online bookings are OYO from India and Zen Rooms from Indonesia, but aside from those two big names in the industry, the brand RedDoorz has also already made its way to the spotlight. RedDoorz is a Singapore-based hospitality startup company which has the same business model as the OYO. The company has been founded by two MakyMyTrip executives, Amit Saberwal and Kunwar Asheesh Saxena in the year 2015. Currently, RedDoorz is already known in Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam. RedDoorz is a platform that offers budget accommodation nearby tourists destinations within some cities of the mentioned countries.

RedDoorz Got Fresh Funds

The company recently announced that they have raised US$70 Million in their Series C round of funding. Their leading investors were Asia Partners, Rakuten Capital and Mirae Asset Naver Asia Growth Fund. Other investors such as Qiming Venture Partners and International Financial Corporation (IFC) has also invested in RedDoorz.

“We are thrilled to welcome a new group of seasoned investors joining us in our mission to build the leading tech-enabled affordable travel brand in Southeast Asia. RedDoorz operates in some of the most dynamic markets in the world and we see tremendous opportunities to continue growing our platform and expanding into new markets.” 

Amit Saberwal, founder and chief executive of RedDoorz

The company is planning on using the funds on launching new markets, boosting their hotel staff training programs, and in building a technology hub in Vietnam.

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