Brain Out Answers All Levels (Lv. 1-181)

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Brain Out Answers All Levels (lv.1-181)

Brain Out – Can You Pass it? is a mobile game offered by Focus Apps. It is the kind of game that will tease your mind and make you think outside the box with its creative, unpredictable, and tricky puzzles and riddles. Try this game to see how crazy, absurd, uncanny, and innovative your brain can get in solving both logical and illogical questions and puzzles. However, should you encounter a time when no matter what you do, you just can’t bring yourself to end up with the right answer, here are the Brain Out Answers All Levels (Level 1-181) to help you get through your current level.

Still haven’t tried this game yet. Well, feel free to try it whenever, wherever, especially when you have time to spare. This game can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store and App Store.

Brain Out Answers All Levels: Level 1-181

Brain Out Lv. 1 Find the biggest one

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 1. There are four fruits in the photo.

Just tap the watermelon. Obviously, it’s the biggest fruit of them all. Easy, right? Well, it wouldn’t be level one if it isn’t. Hopefully, no one seeks help as early as level one. From this level onward, good luck folks on getting all the Brain Out Answers right!

Brain Out Lv. 2 How many ducks?

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 2. There are ducks and a chicken in the photo.

Tap number 9. If you’ve counted 10, know that one of them is actually a chicken.

Brain Out Lv. 3 Who is the tallest one?

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 3. There are animals in the photo.

Go tap the sun. You already know why.

Brain Out Lv. 4 Can you find out the different one?

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 4. There are watermelons in the photo.

All watermelons on the first layer are the same. Drag any of the watermelons anywhere on your screen to reveal the second layer, where the watermelon slice with a bite is. Then tap it.

Brain Out Lv. 5 Create a rectangle

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 5. There are different shapes in the photo.

Nevermind all the other shapes apart from the square. Put half of the square outside of your phone’s screen, leaving the other half poking out. Half of the square would make a rectangle. That does it.

Brain Out Lv. 6 How many triangles are in a Pentagram?

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 6. There are triangles and a pentagram in the photo.

The answer is 11. Then tap ok.

Brain Out Lv. 7 Find out the largest fire

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 7. There is a big fore in the photo.

All fires are the same size. Make the biggest fire by dragging all fire, one at a time, over one of the fires. Then tap the biggest fire you’ve created.

Brain Out Lv. 8 What’s the number under the parked car?

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 8. There are parking ares and a car in the photo.

Don’t overthink it. Drag the car off the parking space and reveal the number beneath. The answer is 9. Tap ok.

Brain Out Lv. 9 What mark would you give for this game?

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 9. There are 4 choices of ratings in the photo.

It’s crazy how this game wouldn’t allow us to choose anything lower than Full Marks. Just tap Full Marks then a Rate message will pop out saying, “Thanks for your support! Would you like to rate us?” Rate the game if you want to but simply tap the “x” icon to resume to the game.

Brain Out Lv. 10 Wake up the owl

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 10. There is a tree and an owl in the photo.

Most owls are awake and active during the night. Drag the sun totally off the screen to awaken the owl.

Brain Out Lv. 11 Please write down the correct answer

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 11. There are different equations in the photo.

Don’t mind the other equations above. The correct answer is for 4 + 5 is 9. Basic math!

Brain Out Lv. 12 Tap fruits from left to right, then tap the hexagon, circle, and rectangle

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 12. There are different shapes, fruits, and a vegetable in the photo.

Just do what the instruction says. Just skip the potato because that’s actually a vegetable and not fruit.

Brain Out Lv. 13 You have to win the game!

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 13. There are "X" maks and "O" marks in the photo.

This level won’t let you win unless you tap two squares at the same time with two of your fingers. So that’s what you have to do.

Brain Out Lv. 14 Find the chick

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 14. There are hens and a chick in the photo.

Shake the chickens. One of them hides its chick. Once the chick is out, tap it.

Brain Out Lv. 15 Find the darkest color on the screen!

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 15. There are different shades of red in the photo.

Tap the text that says “Find the darkest color on the screen!” The text is on black which makes it the darkest on the screen.

Brain Out Lv. 16 Count the number of hairs

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 16. There is a boy in the photo who only has a few strands of hair.

Drag the hair of the boy off his head, then the true number of hair strands that he has will be revealed. The answer is 3. Tap ok.

Brain Out Lv. 17 Help baby duckling drink water

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 17. There is a duck and other random objects in the photo.

Just drag the baby duck beside the puddle above. Overthinking on this level won’t help.

Brain Out Lv. 18 Can you solve this question?

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 18. There is an equation in the photo.

Get the line from the bottom of number 1. Drag it below the figure that looks like an incomplete question mark to make it a number 2.

Brain Out Lv. 19 Find something that you can eat?

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 19. There are different random objects in the photo.

Make a meat by combining the paw print from the lower right of your screen with the red cushion-like figure beside the pail.

Brain Out Lv. 20 HELP! Where’s my ring?

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 20. There is a crying bride, a dog, a poop, and a ring in the photo.

For me, personally, this one isn’t easy to crack. Tap the can of dog food until it’s open. Feed it to the dog by dragging it near its mouth. After a while, the dog will crap out and together with its dung is the ring. Tap the ring and that does it.

Brain Out Lv. 21 What two english letters people like to listen to the most?

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 21. There are texts on this photo. The highlight is "CD."

The answer is CD. Tap ok.

Brain Out Lv. 22 No Smoking

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 22. There are "no" signs in the photo an a lit cigarette.

Ignore the signs around the cigarette. Just keep on tapping the lit side of the cigarette until the smoke and ashes fades away.

Brain Out Lv. 23 Putting 3 coins into piggy bank, how many coins are there now?

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 23. There is a broken piggy bank in the photo.

Put in the coins first then tap the piggy back until it cracks open. Count all the coins within the broken piggy bank. The answer is 15. Tap ok.

Brain Out Lv. 24 So hungry! Make something to eat!

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 24. There is a frame with a sunny-side-up egg in the photo.

Remove the building off the painting. Set aside the smiley on the yellow circle as well. Drag the yellow circle over the white figure on the painting to make a shape that looks like a sunny-side-up egg.

Brain Out Lv. 25 What is the minimum cuts needed to cut a circle into 8 equal parts?

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 25. There is an instruction on how to cut a circle in 8 equal parts in the photo.

The answer is 1. Brain Out will let you know why.

Brain Out Lv. 26 How many ants

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 26. There are ants and an ant hill in the photo.

Count the ants visible to your eyes. Using your two fingers, zoom in the ant hill to reveal more ants. Include those ants from the hill on your count. Just in case you are kind out lazy to count them yourself, the answer is 17.

Brain Out Lv. 27 Find out the rule and write down the answer

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 27. There are different shapes and equations in the photo.

The answer is 9. Tap ok.

Brain Out Lv. 28 Tap a butterfly above the text

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 28. There are four different objects in there photo.

You can move the text. Drag the text under the butterfly then tap the butterfly. This, by far, is one of the easiest levels if you’d ask me.

Brain Out Lv. 29 Please turn on the fan

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 29. There is a mini electric fan in the photo.

If you’ll look up videos about Brain Out Answers on YouTube, you won’t be able to see some of the answers by just watching the videos, because some of the actions needed to solve some of the puzzles can’t be recorded on screen, just like on this one. What I did here is to put one finger on one end of the red wire and one finger on the other end at the same time.

Brain Out Lv. 30 Find 8 animals

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 30. There are 8 animals in the photo.

Just tap all the animals you see, which includes the human girl. Then tap the clouds to make it rain. The rain will be able to make one more animal get out of its hiding place. Tap the last animal, which is the worm and that’s that for this level.

Brain Out Lv. 31 Help baby fall asleep

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 31. There's a photo of a baby sleeping and three random objects.

Don’t bother dragging any of the objects on the screen over the baby. None of those works. This is one of the levels where you cannot see on a recorded screen video the actual trick. In this level, let your phone lay flat of your hands and slowly sway it from left to right, somehow just like how you’ll cradle a baby.

Brain Out Lv. 32 A cliche question. Who would you save? Your mom or your girlfriend?

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 32. There are two persons standing by the edge of a cliff.

Choosing one is totally cliche and Brain Out doesn’t seem like a fan of cliches. So simply tap both at the same time. Save your mom and your girlfriend.

Brain Out Lv. 33 Drive the car to the road sign

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 33. There's a sun, clouds, bridge, car, and a road sign on this photo.

There’s a huge ice formation that’s blocking the road and keeping the driver from reaching the road sign. Move the clouds wherever to reveal the sun. The sun will melt the ice and the driver will automatically drive to the road sign.

Brain Out Lv. 34 How to eat Carrots?

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 34. There's a bunny holding a carrot on this photo.

You can make the bunny jump but you can also move the carrot. Just drag the carrot to the bunny to clear this level.

Brain Out Lv. 35 Help them cross the river

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 35. There's a girl, a boy, and a boat on this photo.

Just zoom in the boat to its limit by using two of your fingers.

Brain Out Lv. 36 What 3 numbers add up to 12

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 36. There are different numbers on this photo.

Tap 6 once then tap 3 twice. Tap ok.

Brain Out Lv. 37 Put everything into the box

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 37. This photo is kind of empty. There's just a box and a text.

Just do what the instruction says. Put everything into the box, including the instruction itself.

Brain Out Lv. 38 Whack-A-Mole

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 38. There are holes, a mole, and a hammer on this photo.

No matter how hard you try or no matter how good you are with this kind of game, this level won’t let you Whack-A-Mole the regular way. Just drag the mole to the hammer and that ends this level.

Brain Out Lv. 39 Rescue giraffe

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 39. There's a giraffe on a cage. There are also other random objects on this photo.

This is another of those levels where you won’t be able to see on recorded screens what gesture made difference. Hold your phone upside down until the key drops off the red bucket. Drag the key to the lock and that does it.

Brain Out Lv. 40 can you solve this question?

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 40. There are numbers on this photo.

This is just an addition. Add everything up. 1+2+3+11+2+3+11+2+3+1= 39. The answer is 39.

Brain Out Lv. 41 Find out the object!

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 41. There are hidden objects in the photo.

There are no hidden rules or tricks here. Just find the objects.See the picture or the video as your reference if you already give up on this level.

Brain Out Lv. 42 Oh god! ZOZO overslept! Wake her up!

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 42. ZOZO is there and his mom seems angry.

Slide the door. Nothing else.

Brain Out Lv. 43 If 1=5, 2=15, 3=215, 4=3215, then 5=?

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 43. There are tons of numbers in this photo.

The answer is 1.

Brain Out Lv. 44 Which cup will get filled first?

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 44. There's a faucet and 7 cups in this photo.

Drag cup number 1 out of the picture. Tap cup number 4.

Brain Out Lv. 45 Move 1 matchstick to make a biggest number!

A screenshot of the Brain Out Answer for Lv. 45. There are numbers, lots of numbers.

The answer is 965. Tap in those numbers then tap ok.

Brain Out Lv. 46 Find something you can not eat!

Separate the chicken from its nest then simply tap the nest. That clears this level.

Brain Out Lv. 47 help tom to get her notice

None of the objects below will help. Drag the lady’s bag to tom’s hands instead. The lady will be in rage and will finally get to notice Tom. That’s not an ideal thing to get a girl’s attention for for this level, you can’t do it any other way.

Brain Out Lv. 48 Find the aliens

The UFO is all you need. Drag it to the stone on the lower left side of your screen and an alien will show up.

Brain Out Lv. 49 Correct the direction

You won’t be able to see on recorded screen videos how to surpass this level, but do know that all you have to do is to make sure that the arrow that says up is pointing upward and the arrow pointing down is pointing downward by rotating your phone.

Brain Out Lv. 50 How many French Fries below?

There are french fries hidden beneath the first layer of french fries. Reveal the hidden ones by dragging the first layer of fries on a different location. For this level, the answer is 10.

Brain Out Lv. 51 Find the Panda!

There’s no catch. There’s really a panda among the elephants.Just tap it when you find it. See the photo as your reference.

Brain Out Lv. 52 Damn! I can’t stand this mess!

Rub a finger against the red stain on the well until it completely vanishes. There are really extra objects on the screen to make things harder for you, so don’t overthink things, especially in this game.

Brain Out Lv. 53 Click the orange rectangle 3 times, then the green rectangle 5 times!

This is one of the easiest levels, at least for me. Just follow the instructions and have patience. Tap the orange rectangle 3 times. Tap the green 5 times. When the green rectangle turns orange, just wait until it becomes green again then resume until you finish your objectives.

Brain Out Lv. 54 How to make your dream come true?

Rubbing the lamp seems like a basic thing to do when you see one and wishing on a genie will be its highlight, but in Brain Out, if you do so, you’re just wasting your time. Just tap the grey book behind the genie to get past this level.

Brain Out Lv. 55 which shape has the most sides?

Tap the circle. Before you clear this level Brain Out will let you know why of all the choices, circle is the best answer.

Brain Out Lv. 56 Fill in the ?

The answer is 91.

Brain Out Lv. 57 Please find the photo

With a finger, hold the box on its place then tilt your phone to get the photo out of the box.

Brain Out Lv. 58 Wake up the little piggy

Don’t mind the butterfly. It won’t help you. With a finger just tap and hold unto the little piggy’s nose. Its face will turn red. Don’t let go until it wakes up.

Brain Out Lv. 59 Help them get on a blind date successfully

Anything else in this picture but the dog could help you achieve the goal. Tap the dog until it shows its behind. Not sure how’s that going to help but that clears this level and that should be your main concern.

Brain Out Lv. 60 Find the number 8

No catch. Find the number 8 for real. There’s one among those 9’s. See the photo for your reference.

Brain Out Lv. 61 Find green

This is a piece of cake. Drag yellow over blue then tap the green box which has been a product of the two colors.

Brain Out Lv. 62 Find out the hexagon

Combine the triangle-like shape with the rectangle.

Brain Out Lv. 63 What comes after AEBFC?

The answer is letter G.

Brain Out Lv. 64 Crazy Pin Circle

Just continuously pin the darts on the moving circle to easily clear this level.

Brain Out Lv. 65 What number will hour hand point to after 3 hours?

The answer is number 9.

Brain Out Lv. 66 How many chicks are there?

Remember the puzzle about the French Fries earlier? This one is ver\y much like this one, except that this is a little trickier. After revealing the second layer of chicks there are more hidden behind the button “clear”. A small chick will be revealed from behind the “clear” icon and there are more layers of chicks beneath it. The answer for this level is 11.

Brain Out Lv. 67 Comfort my dog

Rub the dog until you see the check mark. This action may be equivalent to petting.

Brain Out Lv. 68 find out the hidden stars

Shake your phone as fast as possible until the animals get dizzy. Stars will show up their heads once the action is done correctly.

Brain Out Lv. 69 Make the equation true

Arrange the matchsticks to form the equation 1-0=1.

Brain Out Lv. 70 Find the mother hen

Drag the chicks off the screen and keep tapping your screen until their mother shows up.

Brain Out Lv. 71 Add up 3 largest numbers in the following!

The answer is 24. Just add the 3 largest numbers – 7, 8, and 9.

Brain Out Lv. 72 Eat carrots again!

Why does this bunny keep on going after carrots that are tricky to get? Anyway, just drag down the “Eat carrots again!” text and use it as the bunny’s bridge to its beloved carrot.

Brain Out Lv. 73 please enter a 5-digit number password

The password is 70773. The mirror is already a clue there though.

Brain Out Lv. 74 little elephant is so lonely

I know what you’re thinking: Why are animals in Brain Out often problematic? Well, who knows… The solution to this puzzle however is to make a copy of the elephant so it won’t be alone anymore.

Brain Out Lv. 75 Light up the 4th bulb

This is one of the levels with no catch. Just stay calm and patient. Timing is the key here… or luck. Whichever comes first.

Brain Out Lv. 76 Please write down a 2-digit number according to the picture

The answer is 58.

Brain Out Lv. 77 Which claw is similar to cat’s outstretched claw?

Cat’s other claw, duh. Tap the cat’s claw which is holding a coin.

Brain Out Lv. 78 A simple question! Make the equation hold

There’s another number 3 behind the visible number 3. Try to rotate the number 3 behind until it forms number 8 together with the number 3 in front. Hold that arrangement for a while until the check mark shows up.

Brain Out Lv. 79 Go to the exit

Control the chick outside the maze. Make the it go around the maze.

Brain Out Lv. 80 help Zoe drink the juice sediment at the bottom

Just drag the lower part of the juice to Zoe’s mouth. This definitely isn’t possible in real life, but anyway, unto the next level!

Brain Out Lv. 81 put the shapes into the right frame

The game won’t allow you to place the rectangle on the frame where it obviously belongs to, so put it on the first frame as well.

Brain Out Lv. 82 Spot the differences

Set the table aside by dragging it somewhere else. There will be another set of flower bases below the one that was showing. Start tapping the details where the two sets differ. For your reference, see the photo.

Brain Out Lv. 83 How many holes does this pants have?

You can just count, but if you get really confused along the way, know that the correct answer is 9.

Brain Out Lv. 84 What is the number of pieces that a watermelon can be cut into with 10 cuts?

Want to skip any level which includes math like I do. Here, the answer is 1024.

Brain Out Lv. 85 Catch the rat!

There are a lot of elements involved in this level. And it would be kind of hard to connect them all up. So here it goes: put the log on fire; put it on the right side of the tube; once the smoke starts to come out from the other side of the tube, cover it with your hand; the smoke will then exit to the side where the log is then the rat will finally crawl out. The most obvious answer could have the cat, but nah, just because this is Brain Out.

Brain Out Lv. 86 How to pass this level?

By the way that’s a mouse and once you’ve already figured that out this is going to be the one of the easiest challenges of all. Drag the mouse to control the arrow then left click on next.

Brain Out Lv. 87 Form a smallest possible number

Slide one line upward to make it a symbol for negative. Then put in 999. This way the answer will be -999

Brain Out Lv. 88 Once again!

Here we go again with the darts. You think this is impossible to achieve even if it takes your full concentration? Well, zoom the dart board to its limit for you to have a better aim.

Brain Out Lv. 89 Mom is back! Help me hide gamepad!

A screen record of this level wouldn’t be much of a help since it won’t clearly let you know what to do. So here’s a trick, hold one finger to cover the gamepad until the check mark shows up.

Brain Out Lv. 90 Turn this pyramid upside down in 3 moves

This is easy, however if this isn’t your thing, see the photo or this video for your reference.

Brain Out Lv. 91 Tap the following order: 33

These numbers won’t be permanently on your screen so here’s the order: 1,6,8,2,20,17,60,33. Number 33 is on the text “Tap the following order: 33.”

Brain Out Lv. 92 Help the little girl eat the cake

Slide the longest line to the left then make the girl walk to the right until she falls to the cupcake. the n bingo! That does it.

Brain Out Lv. 93 When Zoe was 6 years old, Lulu was twice her age. Zoe is 10 years old now, how old is Lulu?

There goes this game, teasing us with Math again. Don’t worry we got the answer. The answer is 16.

Brain Out Lv. 94 You have to win this game again! It’s your turn now!

Just drag “O” to the upper right box.

Brain Out Lv. 95 How to eat the noodles?

This is more like how to cook the noodles. Drag the uncooked noodles to the bowl then drag the electric kettle to the bowl as well. Cover the bowl with your finger/s until cooked. That clears this level and the boy in the visuals didn’t even eat the noodles so how did cooking even answer the question? Who knows, right? Unto the next!

Brain Out Lv. 96 Move 2 matchsticks to create an upright chair

One from the left side and one from the bottom. See the photo or watch the video for your reference.

Brain Out Lv. 97 If CDE=EDF, the EFH=?

Was it confusing? Well it kinda is. The answer is HFI.

Brain Out Lv. 98 Find the Panda

Usually, in this kind of challenge, I just tap all over the screen rather than actually look for the hidden object. That works too if you aren’t into finding things. You may also do it easily if you’ll see this photo or this video for reference.

Brain Out Lv. 99 Help little bat fall asleep

You won’t be able to see on recorded screen videos how this level can be cleared. So here is the trick, hold your phone upside down because bats sleep hanging upside down. Did you just try to hide the sun just like how you did to the old on the previous level? Well, I did too.

Brain Out Lv. 100 Enter the biggest possible number

It could have been 9 but this game wants to tease us. Tap the two zeroes to make an infinity symbol. Easy… I mean, crazy, right?

Brain Out Lv. 101 Try to make the biggest possible number by moving only 2 matchsticks

Dejavu? Matchsticks again, right. The answer is 31181

Brain Out Lv. 102 Time to go to bed, please help me turn off the light!

Again, this is a level where you cannot see on a recorded video what trick works. By the way, did you just tap both ends of the wires with two fingers? No matter what you do, that wouldn’t work. Simply face your phone’s screen down then the light will go out. This game becomes trickier as you get into higher levels.

Brain Out Lv. 103 Kill the nasty fly!

Keep tapping on the fly all you want but that won’t get you anywhere near achieving the objective of this level. Tap somewhere else on your screen and hold it before tapping the fly. That does it.

Brain Out Lv. 104 Which is the cheapest?

There’s no catch on this level so it will be such a mystery if you intentionally came to see this blog just for this level. This is already kind of a bonus. But if you really came here for the answer then the correct answer is the game controller which costs $4. How come you didn’t just try to tap all to get the answer? Oh well, let’s move on to the next level.

Brain Out Lv. 105 Again! Who would you save? Your mom or your girlfriend?

Obviously, this boy is dreaming. In reality, he probably doesn’t have a girlfriend, right? Wake him up! Shake your phone until he’s up.

Brain Out Lv. 106 Add 1 line to make this equation true

Tap the second plus symbol to make it number 4. Or just keep on tapping the equation aimlessly until the line you need suddenly appears. Does that sound good? Nope? Ok, just tap the plus symbol since you’ve already read it anyway. Let’s proceed!

Brain Out Lv. 107 Tap the fruits from left to right, then tap the hexagon, square and diamond

Experiencing another dejavu, perhaps? Nope, it’s not deja vu, rather it’s a trickier version of the previous tap-the-fruit-from-left-to-right puzzle. The first one was easy but this time, you just gotta think twice. First, tap the fruits. Then the hexagon then tap the diamond/square twice. Well, you’ll know why by just staring at it long enough.

Brain Out Lv. 108 Jack want to drink the Minute Maid

So Jack, the boy who has dreamt of having a girlfriend a few levels ago, now wants a Minute Maid… ok cool. Just shake the Minute Maid (your phone) first before handing it to him. That;s how you’ll get past this part of the game.

Brain Out Lv. 109 Which dream do you want to come true?

We have our own personal answer to this question but we can’t just pick which suits our interest or need, simply because this game only asks for one certain answer which is to tap all three choices at once. That will clear this level.

Brain Out Lv. 110 Click on the menu

You didn’t see the menu? It’s just right there. See the photo or watch the video for your reference. Also, have your eyes checked right after. Just kidding.

Brain Out Lv. 111 Open the box

Just open the box. Tap and hold the bottom with one finger and slide the top portion up with another finger. Don’t tell me you went to this blog to look up the answer to this one.

Brain Out Lv. 112 What’s the answer?

The answer is 43215.

Brain Out Lv. 113 How many differences can you spot between the 2 pictures?

Can’t tell how many exactly? Keep tapping in answers from 1-10. With a picture that small, the differences between the two might not exceed 10, right? Anyway, if that’s kind of a tedious thing to do for you, the answer is 8.

Brain Out Lv. 114 Tab the blue button 10 times, then tab the red button once

Actually, tap the blue button 11 times, then tap the red button once. 

Brain Out Lv. 115 Keep the balance balanced!

Just remove the two objects from the weighing scale. Now this one’s logical!

Brain Out Lv. 116 count the number of hairs again

Surprise, surprise! This boy isn’t bald anymore unlike on the previous level where he was also the star. From 3 hair strands, this boy how has 38 hair strands. Tap the boy to make him turn back and see the rest of his hair.

Brain Out Lv. 117 What;s the answer?

The answer is 14. Tap ok!

Brain Out Lv. 118 Today is Tyke’s two-year-old birthday, just light up candle for him

It’s Tyke’s second birthday so just light up two candles. Lit the middle candle then just tilt your phone, control the fire, and successfully light up the second one. Happy Birthday Tyke!… whoever you are.

Brain Out Lv. 119 Find the mother hen again

Always remember that you do almost anything with this game. Zoom out and see the mother hen.

Brain Out Lv. 120 help the duc drink water

Make it rain. Hide the sun behind the clouds. Once the sun is already out of sight, the clouds will turn grey and pour out rain. The rain will fill the flask, by then, drag it to beside the duck. After that, you’ll be able to move onto the next challenge.

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