36 PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more!

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30+ PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more!

Are you new to PUBG Mobile and would like to know if it’s for you? Are you a former PUBG Mobile player and would love to catch up and come back to the game? Are you a fan of player versus player shooter games and have jumped from games of the same genre such as Free Fire and Call of Duty: Mobile? Are you simply curious about why your officemates spend their time playing PUBG Mobile during your lunch break? Do you want to know why your special someone spends more time on this game than actually chatting with you?

Whichever got you into searching, downloading, and playing PUBG Mobile, you deserve to know some important tips and tricks about the game that would help you get a CHICKEN DINNER! Why chicken dinner you ask? Oh well, take note of these tips and tricks and you’ll figure it out soon enough.

A bit of a background about PUBG Mobile

A screenshot from PUBG Mobile. There are 3 persons standing on this photo.

The game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS or better known as PUBG is a player versus player, battle royale shooter game by Tencent Games. With this game, you’ll have to battle against 100 players within a remote island and aim for the win… I mean Chicken Dinner! The game’s objective may seem simple, but achieving it takes the best that you got. So, before you get into a match, crack your knuckles and be ready to be the last man standing.

The PC, XBOX, and PS4 versions of this hit survival game are available for sale on the PUBG Official Website. However, if you would like to play the game for FREE, know that you can easily get the game’s mobile version for free at the Google Play Store and App Store. 

But is it worth downloading? Well, PUBG Mobile has already received awards such as 2018 Mobile Game of the Year by Golden Joystick Award and Best game, fan favorite games, most competitive games by Google Play 2018 Awards. That already says a lot.

PUBG Mobile: Game Modes

PUBG Mobile: Classic Battle Royale

A screenshot of classic mode on PUBG Mobile.

The PUBG Mobile: Classic Battle Royale can be played using either Third Person Perspective (TPP) or First Person Perspective (FPP). You can interchange these perspectives even within a match. So if you think that the perspective that you’ve chosen before the match starts doesn’t fit your preference, change it right away. This can be changed within the game by tapping the FPP/TPP icon just beside the movement icon. I personally prefer TPP since FPP kind of makes me dizzy at some point.

The maps available for PUBG Mobile: Classic Battle Royale are the following:


The size of the Erangel map is 8km x 8km. This is by far one of the biggest battle grounds on this game and it has different types of terrains.


The size of the Miramar map is 8km x 8km which makes it one of the biggest battle grounds on PUBG Mobile. It is a great place for city assaults and sniping. This map’s exclusive vehicles are mini bus and mirado and it has win94 as the map’s exclusive weapon.


The size of the Sanhok map is 4km x 4km. This map so far is the smallest among the existing four maps of this day’s PUBG Mobile version. This map is great for group operations and intense firefights. This map’s exclusive vehicles are tukshai and scooter while its exclusive weapon is QBZ.


The size of the Vikendi map is 6km x 6km. In this map, there’s nowhere to hide so its ideal to take your enemies head-on in this map. This map’s exclusive vehicle is Snowmobile and its exclusive weapon is G36C.

PUBG Mobile: Arcade

A screenshot of arcade mode on PUBG Mobile.

In PUBG Mobile: Arcade there are three (3) arcade modes included: Quick Match, War, and Sniper Training. First Person Perspective (FPP) isn’t an option, at least so far, in the arcade mode, but you can choose between playing Solo, Duo, or Squad.

Quick Match

As its name implies, the Arcade Quick Match is basically a quick match. It’s gameplay doesn’t go beyond the duration of 8 minutes, unlike in the Classic where it can last for more or less 30 minutes. All weapons – shotguns, melee, and pistols – are available on this mode. The maps included are the following: Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok.


War is… war. In this PUBG Mobile: Arcade mode, you can parachute with weapons and you’ll be able to have endless respawns. How to win? Earn points! Killing an enemy is equivalent to 3 points and reviving a teammates is equivalent to 1 point. Reach the specified points first and win the game. However, notice that sometimes this game mode is locked because it’s only open for a limited time – Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Sniper Training

Just like the PUBG Mobile: Arcade War mode, Sniper Training is only playable during a limited time – Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. In this PUBG Mobile: Arcade mode you’ll be able to try out all sniper rifles. The maps available for this mode are Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok.

PUBG Mobile: EvoGround

A screenshot of EvoGround mode on PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile: EvoGround Arena

PUBG Mobile: EvoGround Arena game modes are, at the moment, the only game modes where you can choose your loadout. Meaning, you can choose the weapons you prefer to start with such as your main weapon (customizable guns), secondary weapon (handguns, machete, pan), explosive (grenade), and tactical (stun grenade). Weapons, however, have to be unlocked first by increasing your Evo Level before you can equip it as your loadout.

Arena Training

In this EvoGround Arena mode players are free to pick up any weapon that they choose by the spawn point. Setting up a loadout isn’t necessary.

Team Deathmatch

This is one of the fast-paced game mode within the game so far. You’ll get limitless respawn here. The winning team will be determined with points. One kill is equivalent to one point and the first team who reaches the required number of points wins.


This is another game mode that is one team vs another. Each team will consists of four members. There are three bases on the map and the first team to capture two bases wins.


It has almost the same mechanics with the Team Deathmatch – you’ll get limitless respawn here. The winning team will be determined with points; One kill is equivalent to one point and the first team who reaches the required number of points wins. The difference is, there’s a time limit.

PUBG Mobile: EvoGround PlayLab

RageGear – TDM

Within this PUBG Mobile: EvoGround PlayLab game mode, you’ll earn one point for destroying an enemy’s vehicle. The first faction that gets to destroy the required number of vehicles earns victory.

RageGear – PickUp

In RageGear – PickUp, you need to pick-up as much number of crates possible. The first faction that picks up the required number of crates wins.


There are many exclusive weapons within this game mode – the M3E1-A Missile Launcher, RPG-7, Sawed-Off Grenade Launcher, M79 Grenade Launcher, and MGL Grenade Launcher. There are also exclusive items such as Vehicle Repair Pack and Air Strike. The Exclusive vehicles on the other hand are Helicopter and BRDM-2 Armored Vehicle.

PUBG Mobile: EvoGround Zombie Mode

This game mode is by far my personal favorite, even above the classic mode, and this could also be yours too. What to love with this mode? Zombies, duh. The music, the zombie sound effects, and the zombies itself will give you the right dose of eerie vibe – not too scary compared to the real-deal scare games but still is hair-raising. 

The PUBG Mobile: EvoGround Zombie Mode is basically a tougher Classic Battle Royale wherein your opponents are both the other players and, of course, the zombies… huge number of zombies. There are a few Zombie Mode survival tips and tricks for you too within this page so read on if this game mode has also caught your attention.

Zombie: Survive Till Dawn 2
A screenshot from PUBG Mobile's Zombie: Survive Till Dawn 2.

So far, under the PUBG Mobile: EvoGround Zombie Mode, there’s only one zombie game that you can select and play and it’s the Zombie: Survive Till Dawn 2. This game mode is set on the map of Erangel, however, only a smaller portion will be used and not the entire, wide area of Erangel. Also, know that the FPP (First Person Perspective), Single, and Duo options aren’t usable in this mode.

The mechanics of this game is simple: try to stay alive and defend yourself and your squad from zombies for two (2) nights and don’t forget to kill other players as well. As usual, the last man or team left standing wins.

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic Battle Royale

A screenshot from PUBG Mobile. There are 3 persons standing on this photo.

PUBG Mobile Classic: Customizations & Settings

Tips and tricks under this category are mostly for those who are new to the game. Before getting into a Classic match, make sure to set up everything first for a better game experience. There are many things about this game that you can customize to your liking but here are few that you might want to check first:

Choose: Solo, Duo or Squad

See the icon below the start icon. The game mode will be set to Classic. Look at the lower right portion of the Classic mode page. There, you will see three “person” icons there and those are the Solo, Duo, and Squad. Choose between the 3 on how you would want to play your game.  Untick the Auto Matching on the Duo or Squad and invite some people from your friends list if you would want to play the game with your friends rather than with random people. Unticking the Auto Matching without inviting anyone to join your squad also works, especially if you are brave enough to enter a squad match without any allies by your side.

Choose: FPP or TPP

30+ PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more! it's about TPP and FPP.

These can be seen and changed on the same page where the choice of Solo, Duo, or Squad are. It’s just beside it actually. TPP means Third Person Perspective while FPP means First Person Perspective. Go for whichever you prefer. Don’t worry if you suddenly want to change perspective while the game is ongoing, because it’s definitely possible to switch back and forth whenever you feel like it.

Enable Aim Assist

30+ PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more! It's about the Aim Assist.

Aim Assist is very helpful when you’re aiming for a kill so make sure that you have this enabled all the time. Well, unless you’re a pro who kind of does not need such benefit anymore, then you don’t have to. Here’s how to enable Aim Assist: Settings>Basic>Aim Assist>Enable.

Enable Peek & Fire

30+ PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more! It's about the Peek & Fire.

Have you seen other players leaning from one side to another and you’re just there, wondering how they do it when you’re all just sitting or standing straight? I used to wonder too to be honest. Now, do know that you can do it too (actually anyone can). Here’s how: go to Settings>Basic>Peek  & Fire>Enable. This will enable you to peek without exposing your limbs to your enemies.

Enable Auto-Open Doors

30+ PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more! It's about the auto open doors.

This is for you to be able to quickly enter a building without tapping any icon beforehand. It could be useful when you’re caught up in a battle which you believe you better flee from. Just run into a building without tapping open or jumping to the windows. To enable this setting go to Settings>Basic>Auto-open doors>Enable.

Change Quick Chat Messages

30+ PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more! It's about the Quick Chat Messages.

Quick messages are useful during every squad match, especially if you are the kind of player who isn’t really into talking directly with your teammates using the mic. You may also want to customize the messages just so it would fit on your game plan. The default messages are already good but it could be better if you’ll mix it with your personal line-up.  To change Quick Chat Messages go to Inventory>Person Icon>Mic Icon>Change.

PUBG Mobile Classic: Squad Play

Bring up the voice chat!

Typing isn’t an ideal way of communicating with your squadmates when you’re in the middle of an intense battle. So bring up the voice chat for a better mode of communication. This way you can exchange strategies easier while keeping your guard up. Chicken Dinner sure is tastier when obtained through teamwork!

Mute somehow annoying teammates

Let’s face it. Although bringing up the voice chat helps on achieving the Chicken Dinner at times, there are still some moments when you just have to mute a teammate simply because whatever noise he’s making over the mic isn’t helping. Sometimes you’ll hear screams, singing, loud random soap operas from the TV, language that you don’t understand, and even a conversation from the other end of your teammates’ mic. Those are annoying and don’t help at all. So mute your teammate who is making unnecessary noise rather than raging out on team chat about it.

How to mute a teammate? See the mini map on the upper right corner of your screen. Notice the megaphone icon and tap it. Set it to Team and there will be a Mute Teammate list below the icon. Basing from your teammates’ number, just tap whoever you would like to mute.

This is rude: Kill a teammate if necessary

If you’re playing with your in-real-life friends within the same squad, then this trick might never come in handy… hopefully. However if you are put in a team with random people, there’s a chance that you’ll be grouped with some misbehaving players. Yeah you can just mute him or her if he or she is so into saying foul words but if he or she is already, generally up to no good and up to ruin the game, you can unleash this trick.

How? It’s true that you can’t just shoot your teammates dead on PUBG Mobile, but you can simply throw a grenade on your bothersome teammate to end him or her. Just make sure that you aren’t in the same room if you do so, so that you won’t sustain damage as well.

Help your team even if you’re dead

30+ PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more! It's about helping yout team by spectating.

If you are in a squad play and, unfortunately, you have died ahead of your teammates, don’t just leave them. After you’ve been knocked out you can still help them while spectating. Even as an spectator you can still give warnings to your teammates such as the “Enemies ahead!”, “Fall back to safe zone!”, “Stay alert!”, and more… or better yet, communicate with your microphone.

PUBG Mobile Classic: Jumping, Parachuting, Landing

30+ PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more! It's about Jumping, Parachuting, and Landing.

Use “follow me” to coordinate your landing

Jump together with your teammates at the same time, in the same direction, to the same location without any hassle. Just use the “follow me” feature of the game and invite your teammates to follow you on your jump.This way you and your teammates won’t be scattered randomly on the map and this also enables your team to do teamwork easier.

Carefully choose where to land

Sometimes, your landing will determine your fate in the battle ground. If you get to land on the right spot then your game might last for over 30 minutes long. But if you get to land on a place which has either low to no loots or to a place that has a lot of enemies then you might get eliminated from the game in just a flash.

While parachuting, freefall with speed or open your parachute early

You can freefall with speed when you are aiming to land on your chosen location as soon as possible. On the other hand, you can also open your parachute early so that you can fly across the map. You can do this to somehow change the location to where you’re heading just in case you have a change of plan.

PUBG Mobile Classic: During a Match

Loot first before anything else

This one’s pretty basic but still a must read tip for the first timers. After jumping off the plane and landing to your destination, don’t think about running around empty handed. Go inside the nearest building, loot as much as you can, and definitely don’t stop looting until you get a gun. Spot a gun and you don’t want it? Pick it up anyway and simply change it when you already found something better. It’s still better having one than having none. Also don’t forget to get other items such as healing and consumable items. The amount of loot you can get upon landing will be depending on the location you’ve dropped off to. 

30+ PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more! It's about looting.

Yes, having any gun to begin the game with is truly better than having none at all. Guns are extremely important alright, however, we did a challenge which requires us not to get a gun upon our landing. We attempted to make a first kill with our bare hands before we got a weapon. Well, it wasn’t easy but it was crazy fun. Watch our video below and see how thrilling it was!


Know your map and keep an eye on it

Chicken Dinner won’t be ready to be served any time soon if you won’t keep an eye on your mini map, located at the upper right corner of your screen. This map is very useful – it shows you footsteps from nearby enemies, warns you about moving cars nearby, and shows you gunshot directions from your foes. Also, if you are playing with a squad, the map will show you where your teammates are. Most importantly, the mini map gives you updates with regards to the safe zone and the red zone.

30+ PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more! It's about mini-map.

Here are some additional mini map tips for those who are still new to the game: You can tap the mini map to make it bigger. This way you’ll be able to see the entire battle ground.You can add marker to the map which can guide you to where you want to go or mark your location. And yes, for a better view, you can zoom in and out the map whenever you want to.

Look around without moving

Yep, looking around without moving or even turning your character in a different direction is possible. How? Just use and move the Eye Icon. This works even if you’re sprinting. So while you’re busy sprinting around don’t forget to look at your surroundings for possible nearby enemies.Your direction while sprinting won’t be affected as you look at different directions.

Switch: Auto and Single Shots

30+ PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more! It's about Auto and Single shots.

You can control your fire rate by switching from Auto to Single shots. You can freely swap these options during the match by simply tapping either Auto or Single Icon (depending on which one is currently enabled). This icon can be found just above the gun icons below your screen. Recoil is much lesser when in Single shot mode compared, of course, to Auto where you can just continuously shower your opponents with bullets. 

When trying to take down a target from a long distance, Single mode is ideal since it enables you to have a better chance of hitting the target. However, you do you. Better interchange the two from time to time during a match just so you can determine which works better for you depending on the situation. In my case, I still preferer Auto since it works well when I’m panicking.

Easier said than done, but shoot to kill!

30+ PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more! It's about shooting enemies.

Since the mini map shows you nearby gunshot locations, it, of course, shows the same to your enemies. So, shoot to kill. Firing aimlessly toward an enemy who is moving from a long distance is a challenge, well, at least if you’re still a newbie. So if you think that you won’t be able to take down your enemy once you start showering him with bullets, then don’t. By doing so, you’re just going to give away your location to those players who are very capable of taking you down.

Get rid of your damaged vest and helmet

When you have engaged in battle and survived, your vest and helmet could have sustained damage. Since there are a lot of vests and helmets lying around wherever you go, consider replacing the damaged ones equipped on you with new ones. This way, you can keep your defense at its finest.

Watch out for the red zone

30+ PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more! It's about red zones.

As mentioned a while ago, mini map also shows red zones. Red zones are dangerous areas where airstrikes happen for a short while. If you find yourself stuck in the middle of a red zone, immediately seek for a roof to stay under. Any building where you can get into would save you from the deadly airstrike. On the other hand, if you are somewhere near  outside of the red zone, simply run or sprint out of its circle. 

That’s basically how you can survive the red zone, however surviving through it isn’t the only thing you can be busy with while the airstrike is ongoing. Since many players will be running away once the red zone pops out, it would be easier for you to spot them and shoot them from a safe spot.

Don’t just jump anywhere!

Jumping over an open window is fine. Jumping over fences is also fine. Even jumping down a two storey building is fine. However, jumping down tall buildings can cause you damage. The taller the building the higher the damage that will be inflicted on you. Same goes when you jump off a moving vehicle or high cliff. You might have not been gunned down by an enemy but it’s more of a shame to die in PUBG Mobile with such a rookie mistake.

Don’t Stay Still in one location

30+ PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more! It's about the danger of staying in one location.

If you think that not engaging in fire will keep you away from your opponents, then you might want to rethink that. You might be safe from short range and midrange enemies, but not from the players who prefer hunting down their prey from a long range. By staying still in one position, you are going to become an easy target for snipers. Once skilled PUBG Mobile snipers see your head poking out of your hiding place, unmoving, with one head-shot, you’re a goner. So move around from time to time and enjoy the game. Hiding behind the walls for a long time is boring anyway.

Search for vehicles!

Sprint all you want with your hands free from your weapons but you still couldn’t be nearly as fast as the PUBG Mobile vehicles. Therefore, still, the fastest way to go around is to use wheels rather than feet. Vehicles are extremely useful especially if you are wandering around the area near the blue circle. Once the circle shrinks, you can simply hop onto your vehicle and race with the blue circle without any worries. Well, the other thing you can do with a vehicle is to run over your enemies with it.

30+ PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more! It's about benefits of riding a vehicle.

The dangers however of using a vehicle on PUBG Mobile: Classic Battle Royale is that, it can be seen on other players’ maps once somehow near their area. Other players will take it as a warning and they will hide, while for others, it means that there’s an enemy and they would take do what it takes to take you down. Also, notice that vehicles within the game can commonly be found just by the side of the main roads, so if you think that you’re lucky to be able to find one off the road and alongside buildings, think twice before approaching. Some other player might have just parked it there and he’s still lurking somewhere within that area.

Make your enemies’ vehicle explode

It will be somehow hard to aim at your enemies’ head when they’re aboard a moving vehicle but what you can do, nevertheless, if you are up to face them, just aim for their vehicle. You can rain bullets on your enemies’ vehicle until it explodes, which could fatally damage them. Same trick could work if your enemies are hiding behind a vehicle that isn’t in motion. Make it explode… with them. 

Horde scopes

30+ PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more! It's about hoarding scopes.

Don’t need scopes for your guns? Already have the best scope and don’t need anything else? Either way, if you spot 4x or 8x scope along the way, pick it up. You won’t be using it alright but it only means that your enemies won’t be either if it’s already in your bag. Yeah, that sounds kind of selfish, but it’s strategic!

Position Yourself on the Edge

You can position yourself nead the edge of the playzone. This is where the white and the blue circle meets. Since the entire area of the blue circle is outside the safe zone, there will be a small chance that there will be an enemy suddenly popping out from behind (unless the blue circle has just shrinked a few moments ago and  there are still players left within who are trying to get out of it). Once it’s already highly unlikely to see players running out of the circle, that’s when you can claim the spot. With a 4x or 8x scope, you’ll be able to get a good view of almost every angle without worrying about your back.

Get the hang of sprinting

30+ PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more! It's about sprinting.

When you’re running away from enemies, when the blue circle is already just a few steps from behind, when the red zone is around your area, and when you just want to get to your destination faster, sprint.

You can do a bit of parkour

Using the stairs to go down a two storey building seems so logical, but to move around faster, just jump out washing the windows instead. Well, that’s the basics of it. However, once you get the hang of it, you can actually take jumping out of a building into the next level. I know I’ve mentioned Don’t just jump anywhere! But you can actually jump off from a higher level building as long as you aren’t aiming for the ground level. From the 4th floor you can use the window to transfer to the third or second, but by attempting to do so, know that timing is everything.

Swim underwater

30+ PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Classic, Zombie Mode, & more! It's about swimming.

This is another basic, but players who transferred from other survival shooting games might still be not familiar with the action of swimming. In PUBG Mobile you can either swim with your body exposed or you can submerge yourself entirely in the water. Here’s a tip: submerge yourself in the water from time to time just so you won’t be easily spotted by enemies while you’re in the water. Watch your lungs though. Once the lungs icon turns red, you better swim up for air. Logical, right? Also, note that you can’t hold a gun or any weapon at all when swimming, so you’re vulnerable.

Get Ghillie Suit

You’re in great advantage if you are wearing a Ghillie Suit. What is it though? This is a suit designed akin to the game’s environment thus it makes a great camouflage. And yes, it’s that green, grass-like suit. It can be picked up from  air drops during the match. With this suit, you can strike down your targets a lot easier without being noticed. So try to get one of these if you dare. Do note however that many players are after the airdrops during battle royale, so be ready to defend yourself once you attempt to get near the airdrops.

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Zombie Mode

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Zombie Mode

These tips and tricks might not be pro tricks, but these will sure help you survive the Zombie Mode, especially if it’s your first time playing it or even if you still haven’t gotten the hang of it. 

See Auto Matching

It has been mentioned prior that Single and Duo options aren’t usable in this Zombie Mode. Nevertheless, If you still wish to play solo or with at least one or two more players, it’s still possible. Although, it doesn’t mean that your enemies will also have the same number of players within their team as you do. Most of your foes are expected to have the maximum number of players within their team, which is four (4), unless they also prefer not to.

To be able to play on your own or take only one or two players with you on Zombie Mode, disable the Auto Matching by removing the tick on its box. To see the Auto Matching box, tap the rectangle icon below the START icon on your PUBG Mobile home screen, tap EvoGround, tap Zombie: Survive Till Dawn 2, see Auto Matching on the lower right of your screen, and remove the check mark on the box.

Hiding inside a small building is a no, no

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Zombie Mode. Hiding inside a small building is a no, no. A photo of in-game zombies.

Here’s a funny story: On my first time playing the Zombie Mode with the squad, we were like, “We gotta stay indoors,” but then the first night came and we all ended up dead. Staying in a small building will just get you trapped in there with nowhere to run. Well, except if you’re near  a window, then just go jump out, regret your decision of staying indoors, and keep on running. During the night, zombies get more aggressive and more of them spawn almost everywhere so better have a wide area to run around instead of being stuck against the walls.

Camp on a building then jump!

This one doesn’t seem like a move a pro would do, but it does count as a survival tip. Once the sun sets, you can lure the zombies up a rooftop of a building then once it gets crowded, jump off, and repeat, if you can. That way, you’ll get a chance to survive until dawn. You can try doing this if you have no other choice at the moment.

Staying in the water is also a no, no

A photo of a PUBG Mobile character, swimming during the night.

If you think that zombies at Zombie: Survive Till Dawn 2 can’t swim, then you’re right. If you believe that there’s no way there could be silly, mermaid-like zombies, then again, you’re right. What makes staying in the water a no, no though? The spitters, or whatever you call those zombies that spit green liquid on you. Yes, they spawn on land but the range of their green spit can still reach you on waters and even on tall buildings actually. They are unbelievably annoying if you’d ask me.

Get in the car!

In the Zombie: Survive Till Dawn 2, getting in the car and running over zombies on the first night works perfectly well. You’re safe with those wheels and you get to kill almost every zombie that chases you, no sweat. However, beware of the big zombies which are armed with a shield. Those zombies are tough even if you hit them with a vehicle. Also, vehicles on this game usually don’t have enough gas to work until the second night, so when your vehicle suddenly stops, it’s time to rely on your feet.

Keep on running!

No vehicles? No gas? Alright, that means you have to keep on running in an open field. If you have a good gun then consider shooting some of the zombies while doing so. Staying on one ground at this game mode is kind of a suicide, so just move until dawn.

PUBG Mobile: Bonus Tips and Tricks

Get clothes without spending real money

If you’ve already downloaded the game, finished setting up your profile and done with creating your character, then you’ve already probably noticed that your character is somehow… you know… bare. Well, that’s completely normal. Unlike with the MMORPG games where you get to start with, at least, the basic “adventurer armor,” here in PUBG Mobile, you start with your underwear. Yep, totally normal.

The thing is, you usually need UC (a currency from the game) to buy cool outfits from the shop. And guess what, UC can be purchased with real money. You can go with using real money as an option to have your character dressed up, but if you prefer not to dish out real money to buy decent outfits, using Silver (another currency from the game) would do the trick. 

You’ll get Silver from rewards such as Weekly Sign-in, Achievements, and the like. Aside from that you can also increase your Silver by going to Shop>BP>Silver. This way, you can exchange your BP to Silver. However, the daily purchase limit is only 25 Silvers. Once you have enough Silvers, make a purchase on Shop>Redeem. Not only that you will get to exchange your Silvers into outfits but also to some other things such as guns, parachutes, crate coupon scraps, frames, and more.

Got those tips and tricks?

With these PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks, from being a newbie, be one of the top players; from formerly abandoning the game, comeback with flash like you’ve never left at all; from simply watching your office mates spice up their lunch break with PUBG Mobile, join the fun; from simply wondering to why your special someone is so drawn to playing this game, have more bonding time get that Chicken Dinner with him/her. Sounds great, right? Unanimous opinion isn’t  expected, but that sounds great to me.

What are your thoughts about PUBG Mobile?

Now, your turn. What are your thoughts about PUBG Mobile? Got more cool tips and tricks that have been missed out? Share it with us in the comment section below and let’s all get the Chicken Dinner we’re craving for!

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