2019 Mobile Web Traffic Increased

According to the 2020 Digital Trends Report from SimilarWeb that was gathered between January 2017 to December 2019, the average total number of visits per month recorded in all the Top 100 sites in the world was a whopping 223 Billion. This means that 2019’s total website traffic was 11.8% over 2017 and 8% higher from 2018. The highest traffic happened during April and June 2019 which was more than 10% higher than the previous year. What’s more interesting, but not at all surprising, was that the majority of the total website traffic came from mobile web traffic. 

Mobile Web Traffic Vs. Desktop Web Traffic

The growth of mobile website traffic increased by up to 30.6% while website traffic for desktop has a 3.3% decrease since 2017. As seen in the report, mobile web traffic has a continuous increase while the desktop is slow-moving in the past years. 

Top 5 Sites with Most Web Traffic

Among the Top 20 sites on the report of SimilarWeb, Google has the highest monthly traffic in 2019. The search engine giant had a monthly visit of 167.5 Billion in 2019 and that was a total increase of 10.7% web traffic over the past year. YouTube got the second spot followed by Facebook. Fourth and fifth place for the top 5 sites is Baidu and Wikipedia. It was also seen in the chart that Google’s website traffic keeps on growing since 2017.

Top 5 Categories Dominated by Mobile

Using mobile phones has become more convenient for users in accessing information for some of these categories have a better view on small screens. Based on the report, the Adult category came in first as the most likely to be accessed through mobile. Gambling came on the second spot while the Food & Drink banked third. The fourth spot goes to Pets & Animals while Health made it in the fifth spot. 

SimilarWeb project that Mobile Web will continue to increase while Desktop Web will be on a stable level this 2020. This prediction was calculated based on polynomial trends.

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