ONUS, Financial Investment App Has Helped Over 1.5 Million People Enter The World Of Blockchain

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Dec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In mid-October of this year, ONUS, a digital asset investing application from Vietnam, reached 1.5 million people in just 18 months and is among the top trending worldwide financial investment applications on both Google Play and the App Store. 

Currently, the Vietnamese crypto investment community faces numerous challenges in terms of comprehending, researching, trading, etc. Meanwhile, other digital asset investment applications are far too complex and confusing for newbies. That’s why ONUS was born, focusing solely on making it easy for all users to start trading with just a few simple steps. Through ONUS, even those unfamiliar with the crypto market can own Bitcoin after learning about Blockchain technology.

90% of ONUS users come from Vietnam, along with other popular nations such as Nigeria, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc. Investors can start with a small capital of just a few dollars. Therefore, ONUS users are diverse: Students, Grab drivers, teachers, office workers, etc., with a basic salary from $250$500.

With ONUS, investing is no longer a privilege reserved for the upper class; anybody can approach and benefit from it. According to ONUS’s CEO, this app aims to provide equal financial opportunities to the majority of users, especially in the crypto industry, with the firm belief that investment is the essential step to achieving wealth. The company’s goal is to reach 10 million users by 2023. At the current rate of growth, this target is perfectly feasible.

ONUS is now available for download through Google Play and the App Store.

Web: https://goonus.io/


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