Botslab’s brand new Robot Vacuum Cleaner S8 Plus is now released

HONG KONG, Feb. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Smart Network Co. Limited, a high-tech company empowered by AI, big data, and cutting-edge IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, has released a brand new Robot Vacuum Cleaner S8 Plus in Australia recently. Dedicated to bringing the spirit of Innovation for a Smart Life, its brand Botslab has been exploring various exciting technological products including robot vacuums, wet dry vacuums, video doorbells, indoor & outdoor smart cameras, and driving recorders.

Botslab Robot Vacuum Cleaner S8 Plus
Botslab Robot Vacuum Cleaner S8 Plus

The S8 Plus leverages LIDAR for navigation, avoiding getting your items damaged while cleaning no matter how complex the scenario is. Also, it can be remotely managed from anywhere with the aid of the Botslab bespoke smartphone app which you can find a real-time display of consumable status, set up no-go zones, schedule cleaning for specific areas.

In addition, it is equipped with a brushless motor that provides superior suction of up to 2700Pa, allowing it to effortlessly remove pet hair, debris as well as fine dust and deposit them in a 350ml dustbin. If detecting a carpet or a rug, it will automatically boost to "powerful mode" which can be more easily pick up even invisible dust.  

Botslab Robot Vacuum Cleaner S8 Plus is a 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop with a 300ml electric water tank which is ideal for a 180m² residence. It achieves deep stain removal and rapid dry-up by automatically controlling water output with greater pressure. With a 4L large dust bag, you only need to Dump dirt every 70 days, saving more time to spend with friends and loved ones.

Furthermore, the S8 Plus got you covered as it comes with a bespoke IoT-enabled Mobile App which grants you access to the device anytime from anywhere. As opposed to instructing somebody and having to repeat yourself, the Botslab Robot Vacuum cleaner S8 Plus has reliable voice control support, multi-smart speaker compatibility supporting a range of mainstream brands such as Amazon Echo, Clova, Google Home, and Yandex. Moreover, the S8 Plus leverages a septuple noise reduction algorithm therefore peace and quiet are prevalent during the sessions as the noise disturbances are minimal.

Coming with a high-capacity battery, the Botslab Robot Vacuum Cleaner S8 Plus can run for up to 250 minutes, sufficient to clean a home of up to 250 square meters.


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