AXI Re-Launches Forex Managed Accounts Services Platform

SINGAPORE, Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AXI, a leading global FX and CFD provider, today announced the launch of what is believed to be the industry’s most advanced Forex Managed Accounts Services platform, or MAM/PAMM, offering.

Designed and engineered in collaboration with Singapore based specialist, FINTECH, FYNXT, and quickly implemented as a Cloud platform which resets the benchmark in business-critical areas of speed, precision, transparency, flexibility, and user experience.

AXI’s Chief Commercial Officer, Louis Cooper describes the offering as ‘genre defining’. He comments, "we’ve long understood the limitations of traditional MAM and PAMM offerings out there; as the industry evolved to address the money and fund management sector, technology enhancements have been only piecemeal, incremental and so too, the business benefits."

"Technological superiority here meant a fundamental re-think – a deep dive, what’s-possible analysis, specifically and consultatively, through the prism of the fund management industry," notes Cooper. "A seriously in-depth understanding of the peculiarities and nuances within the managed sector was key for me; once we had nailed this, killer technology from our friends at FYNXT in Singapore would be the enabler for us to continue offering our clients the trading edge."

Continues FYNXT’s Singapore-based CEO, Aeby Samuel, "anything we can do to help our clients better serve their clients is what drives us. We are immensely proud of our latest Social Fund Management offering and if preliminary feedback from our early clients is any guide, we look forward with a high degree of confidence and excitement."

Selected Features

  • Enhanced Administration and Automation: With a suite of pre-built templates and selectable fee structures, and agreements, Fund Managers can create and manage new strategies within just a few minutes.
  • Almost infinite flexibility in fee management: Fund Managers can administer different fee requirements of customers within a single Master account, to ensure that fees are precisely aligned with the customer’s needs whether a) performance, b) management, c) subscription, d) upfront, d) penalty or e) a combination based.
  • Superior customer experience: The new service provides, intuitive experience for both Fund Managers and Investors with enhanced visibility and transparency of accounting entries and associated reporting, including auto calculation and settlement of fees.
  • Unheard of Precision in asset allocation: The new platform removes the dependency of MT4/5 accounts for the Investors, protecting the Fund Managers strategy being copied illegally by the investors; and offers Investors with 100% allocation accuracy in asset allocation, offering lot sizes down to 0.0000001 lots, previously not possible from traditional MAM/PAMM.

About AXI

AXI is a global online FX and CFD trading company, trusted by thousands of ambitious customers in 100+ countries around the world. We help new traders, pro-traders, trading businesses, banks and financial organizations find the edge they need to achieve their financial goals through informed transactions made on the world’s financial markets. AXI offers a wide range of assets including CFDs for several asset classes including Shares, Forex, Gold, Silver, Coffee, Indices, Oil and other commodities.

At AXI, we are proud of our reputation as an honest, fair, and trusted broker. Our many awards and ‘excellent’ Trustpilot reviews prove we have earned the confidence of customers who value our outstanding service, fast execution, secure payments, segregated funds, and easy withdrawals. Moreover, we also work pro-actively with leading regulatory governing authorities globally to ensure we exceed the highest standards in the industry.


The Forex Managed Accounts Services is developed in partnership with FYNXT (previously known as Simple2Trade).

FYNXT is a Singapore-based fintech that empowers FYNancial Services with the NXT-Gen Digital Front Office and transforms its legacy business into an agile, efficient, and modern Digital Business.

We are immensely proud of what we do and the real-world empathy we bring to every client relationship – spanning FOREX-CFD and Multi-asset brokerages, Remittance Providers, Banks and other Financial Services firms globally.

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