Amazfit T-Rex Pro: A Tough Military-grade Smartwatch with Endurance to Match Your Own and up to 18 Days’ Battery Life[1]

SHENZHEN, China , March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Amazfit, a global brand in the wearables market, has launched the latest edition of its outdoor sports series of smartwatches, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro. Created to help you Explore Your Instinct, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro has passed 15 military-grade tests and can withstand most kinds of extreme conditions. Its comprehensive health and fitness tracking functions include a host of popular outdoor sports modes for adventurous activities, making it easier to break out of your comfort zone.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro: A Tough Military-grade Smartwatch
Amazfit T-Rex Pro: A Tough Military-grade Smartwatch

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro builds upon the popularity of the award-winning Amazfit T-Rex, first unveiled at CES 2020. Inspired by its predecessor’s success, and through consistent innovation, Amazfit has added a raft new features to this latest edition. The Amazfit T-Rex Pro is even tougher and, with 15 military-grade tests[2], has passed three additional endurance tests. New functionality also includes 10 ATM water-resistance[3], a blood-oxygen saturation measurement system, the four global navigation satellite systems, a barometric altimeter, and more than 100 sports modes[4].

Toughness from the Inside Out

With the Amazfit T-Rex Pro, all the information you need is available at a glance on its 1.3-inch always-on AMOLED display. With an attractive angular design, the robust metal-sprayed outer bezel keeps the weight light.

Discover the Outdoors

With four global navigation satellite systems[5] supported, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro is able to help track location in more complicated environments.

Whether you’re up in the mountains, or training harder in the gym, you can measure your blood-oxygen saturation[6] to get feedback on how well you’re handling the altitude[7].

With a water-resistance grade of 10 ATM, you can swim, surf, sail and endure wet weather for up to 18 days of battery life.

Exercise to the Fullest

With over 100 different sports modes available, Firstbeat™ algorithm takes things to a new level when assessing specialized data such as your maximum oxygen uptake[8], full recovery time and training load. Along with this, the ExerSense™[9] algorithm also automatically recognizes eight sports modes and records all related data.

Connect With Your Natural Instinct

Stay tuned into nature with the Amazfit T-Rex Pro weather tracker, sunrise and sunset monitor[10] and current moon phase display[11].

Learn More About Your Health

Amazfit T-Rex Pro is equipped with the BioTracker™ 2 PPG Bio-Tracking Optical Sensor, performing precise heart rate monitoring[12] 24 hours a day and issuing an alert if your heart rate gets too high.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro offers personalized evaluations through its proprietary Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) health assessment system[13]. PAI takes all the data collected from your workouts, heart rate and other tracked data and provides a single numerical value as your unique health evaluation.

Support Your Instinct for Sleep

With Amazfit’s SomnusCare™ sleep-quality monitoring[14] feature, it recognizes different sleep states, like the light, deep and REM sleep stages, detects daytime naps, and monitors potential breathing problems[15].

In the US, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro costs $179.99 and will be available at from 23 March.

In the UK, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro costs £139 and will be available at and from 31 March.

[1] The battery life may vary according to the settings, operation conditions and other factors. So the actual result may differ from the laboratory data. 

[2] The relevant data on this topic comes from the following report: H202005252293-01EN-G2. Prolonged exposure is not recommended as it may damage the watch and its components.

[3] In accordance with the GB/T 30106-2013 / ISO 22810:2010 standard, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro achieves a rating of 10 ATM, for a water-resistance of up to 100 meters, and is therefore suitable for splashes, snow, showering, swimming, snorkeling, or non-high-speed watersports. For more information, please visit the support page at:

[4] See the Amazfit T-Rex Pro product web page for the full list of 100+ sports modes:

[5] GPS+GLONASS, GPS+BeiDou, GPS+Galileo. Indoor positioning services are not supported.

[6] Data accuracy will be affected if the sensor area makes contact with skin that has arm-hair or tattoos, and can vary depending on physical characteristics.

[7] When you reach 3,000+ meters, the watch will prompt you to take the blood-oxygen saturation test when you ascend over 400 meters within 24 hours.

[8] Maximum oxygen uptake detection is only supported in outdoor running mode.

[9] The accuracy and sensitivity of the workout recognition feature varies from person to person, and are related to the posture and proficiency of the user during their workout.

[10] Obtaining weather data as well as sunrise and sunset time requires an external connection to the mobile app.

[11] Obtaining moon phase data requires setup of the specific watch face.

[12] The 24-hour automatic heart rate detection feature requires the user to set and turn on the "heart health detection" feature in the app, and the minimum value can be set to 1 minute; this feature cannot be used for medical purposes or as a basis for medical diagnosis. Heart rate measurement cannot be performed while swimming.

[13] The HUNT Fitness Study indicates that people who maintain a PAI score of 100 or higher show lower risk of hypertension, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes.

[14] Sleep monitoring can record night sleep and naps that last more than 20 minutes.

[15] Sleep breathing quality monitoring needs to be activated separately.



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