ADO Accelerates Localization Strategy in Vietnam

"My dream: ADO, cross 1,001 cities." – Mr. Sen

HANOI, Vietnam, Oct. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A Dece Oasis, popularly known as ADO, an international leading e-bike company, announced that it had officially entered the Vietnam market in August and accelerates their localization strategy in Vietnam to provide user’s more local experience.

On May 6th, 2021, ADO e-bike brand set off from Europe, crossed in Berlin, London, Bulgaria, Milan, Taipei and Penang of Malaysia , and now for Vietnam.

"Up to today, we have over 20,000 ADO e-bike users, guarding the commuting of more than 10,000 families, and we will continue to guard the daily commuting of our users every day, to be your most loyal partner in daily life. until now, ADO Ebike has crossed more than 200 cities." – Mr. Sen, CEO of ADO.

ADO E-bike is hot sale in Germany, with entering to Vietnam, ADO provides lower price with same good quality.

ADO’s best-selling product is their range of folding bike models, and the most popular product is ADO A20. Also, ADO will have a better version A20XE after the suggestions from the users

Key points of A20 XE:

* 350W Geared Hub Motor
* 36V 10.4Ah Rated Capacity
* Double Shock Absorption
* 80KM Max Range

ADO A20XE price:16.500.000 VND by COD
ADO A20+ price: 15.000.000 VND by COD

For more other products, please visit here.

ADO e-bike is available in xiaomi store in Vietnam.

"Our products should be what the users really need." Mr. Sen said. The team adhered to enriching the product line from the users’ needs and continued to optimize the existing products from the feedback of market users; in order to improve the technology, the 3,300 square meters of electric assisted bicycle R&D base and laboratory had been put into use.

ADO has the first SGS laboratory in the industry, ADO Laboratory have more than 60 kinds of testing items on bicycles, mainly involving various safety tests. Visit ADO E-BIKE for ADO Lab.

In addition, ADO have passed SGS, DEKRA certification, are responsible for the safety of users, guard the daily attendance of users every day, and be the most loyal and trusted partner of users.

ADO can achieve local delivery within 2-7 days if order online store, localized service and after-sales service support. ADO promises to replace new products for free for users when maintenance is not possible due to quality problems during the product’s life cycle.

In Vietnam, customers can test ride or buy ADO Ebike through these channels:

Offline: Xe ??p ADO, Adress: BT1.2, 17 To?? Hu??u, Phu?o??ng Trung Va?n, Qua??n Nam Tu?? Lie?m,Ha? No??i , TEL: 081.620.9888

More news here:

Whether online or offline, ADO provides the best price and service.

ADO ebike mission: be a solid commuter partner in urban life.

Media contact: [email protected]


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