A Breakthrough in Disinfectant Device: ELECLEAN 360 Helps Mitigate Epidemic

TAIPEI, Aug. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ELECLEAN. Inc., is a start-up company of Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan, and is dedicated to creating a safe and sustainable planet. With the focus on disinfection of home appliances, we specialize in utilizing water to produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) solution by electrochemistry in-situ. Today, we are thrilled to announce our new product, ELECLEAN 360, the guard against epidemic.

ELECLEAN 360 services full-body disinfection at National Library of Public Information of Taiwan
ELECLEAN 360 services full-body disinfection at National Library of Public Information of Taiwan

ELECLEAN 360 uses ROS solution, which includes hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals, and which is proven to be: (1) effective against H1N1, pathogenic bacteria, odors and toxic formaldehyde with over 90% success rate against viruses and other harmful pathogens; (2) safe to skin and eyes, even when accidently inhaled. In addition, ELECLEAN 360 has flexible parameters with intelligent guidance which gives more possibilities for users to modify the usage, and each module of electrods can perform disinfection on over 25,000 people.

ELECLEAN 360 was chosen by National Library of Public Information of Taiwan to ensure a comprehensively safe and clean environment for visitors of the Read Exposition. Meanwhile, ELECLEAN 360 had serviced the epidemic prevention by full-body disinfection with ROS solution before the runners entering the Dajia Riverside Park (main venue) in 2020 National Geographic Run-50th Anniversary of Earth Day. In addition, ELECLEAN 360 has been performing disinfection for visitors who enter health clinic and fitness centers of IZO Health Care group.

ELECLEAN CEO Dr. Chen said: "Our goal is to instantly produce effective and safe disinfectant for consumers without any chemical addition." During the COVID-19 pandemic, news media across the world reported that the use of alcohol-based sanitizer in public space has a very limited effect. It would not only be at personal cost, but also put public health at risk. Additionally, the use of alcohol-based sanitizer would escalate accumulated alcohol concentration in air, which might further induce higher room temperature and possibly fire. Last but not least, ELECLEAN 360 is highly recommended by the Former Director of Pediatrics, Cathay General Hospital Dr. Hung-Tsai Liao. "The rigorous health and safety design of ELECLEAN 360 is in line with European standard. With only a few seconds, the amount of microorganisms/virus on clothes and shoes can be effectively reduced. As a doctor, safe and effective disinfection plays a critical role for our workplace, where we save people."

For more information, Please visit www.eleclean.com.tw and Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/ELECLEAN.COM.TW

Photo – https://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20200811/2882048-1?lang=0

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