Xiaomi Unveils Mi TV LUX : A Transparent OLED TV

Xiaomi, one of the largest smartphone brand in the world, has recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary (2010-2020).

Which is why, on August 11, 2020, they have unveiled three (3) new products – the Mi 10 Ultra, the Redmi K30 Ultra, and the most interesting of them all, the Mi TV LUX, a new television which says “welcome to the future.”

What’s so special about the Mi TV LUX you ask? Well, it is just like a piece of technology which previously can only be seen in science fiction films. Simply put, it is transparent!

The Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition is the world’s first mass-produced transparent TV, which makes Xiaomi the first mass producer of transparent OLED TVs in the world.

The brand, as claimed by the Xiaomi Team, has as well now become China’s number one OLED Basic Module (OBM) manufacturer.

See Xiaomi’s Tweet below to know more about its specifications:

Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition as Described by Xiaomi

“Not a TV, but an art piece, Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition adopts an aesthetic design…

… the TV is perfect not only for homes, but also for galleries, museums, shopping malls, and theaters.”

– The Xiaomi Team, August 11, 2020, Mi Blog

Price and Availability

Starting August 16, 2020, the Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition will be for sale. Equipped with flagship-level hardware, it is priced at RMB 49,999 or approximately $7,200.

What are Your Thoughts

Now, are you ready to “see through” a different perceptive? Let us know what you think about Xiaomi’s latest tech – the Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition – by sharing your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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