Ziktalk (ZIK) to be listed on LBank

  • The web 3.0 short video platform, Ziktalk, will be listed on LBank
  • Ziktalk, an application with 700,000 users, will be listed on the 14th

TALLINN, Estonia, March 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ziktalk, a web 3.0 short video platform with 700,000 users, has announced it will be listed on the global exchange, LBank, on the 14th. The trading pair ZIK/USDT will begin trading on March 14th at 6:00pm (UTC +9).

Ziktalk’s official listing schedule
Ziktalk’s official listing schedule

Ziktalk is a web 3.0 mobile platform that utilizes blockchain technology to allow users to share fun and memorable videos in short formats lasting 60 seconds at max. Ziktalk’s reward structure that immediately compensates not only the creators, but all ecosystem participants such as viewers for contributions such as clicking "like".

With a global user base over 700,000, Ziktalk is seeking to improve user accessibility and expand its ecosystem. ZIK is currently traded on Probit.

LBank is a global exchange that ranks under 20th on Coinmarketcap. Lbank was founded on 2015 and currently has 6.4 million users in 210 countries.

According to the statement by a ZIktalk representative, "ecosystem participants on social media platforms are being inadequately rewarded for their contribution to the growth of the platform" and "Ziktalk will create a web 3.0 platform that rewards all ecosystem participants form creators to viewers using its token economy".

Ziktalk has allocated 50% of its total token supply to "Social Mining Pool" (Activity Pool 30%, Sign-up Pool 15%, Referral Pool 5%) to create a vibrant ecosystem.

Abraham Shim, CEO of Ziktalk, stated that "users can share any video content such as cooking, dancing, comedy, sports and have fun as a part of their income source" and "Ziktalk has listing plans on more exchanges in order to improve its user accessibility."


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