Zibo Hi-tech Zone marks its 30th anniversary with a major photo exhibition

ZIBO, China, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On April 29, Zibo National New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone ("Zibo Hi-Tech Zone") launched a photo exhibition to celebrate its 30th anniversary. With the theme of "Sail Again with Another 30 Years of Commitment", this exhibition officially starts to solicit works from the public, and a series of events for the 30th anniversary celebration kick off.

The eco-friendly and dynamic Zibo Hi-tech Zone
The eco-friendly and dynamic Zibo Hi-tech Zone

Zibo Yulong Lake Wetland Ecological Park
Zibo Yulong Lake Wetland Ecological Park

These photos will highlight Zibo Hi-tech Zone’s commitment to innovative development and high-quality industrial growth.

Zibo Hi-tech Zone has in recent years seized the opportunity of Shandong’s major projects to replace old economic growth drivers with new ones and achieved new breakthroughs in high-quality social economic development.

Focusing on the development of "Three Zones Plus One Window" (one major base zone for developing new high-tech industries and new agglomeration economies, one pilot zone for deepening institutional reform and innovation, and one demonstration zone for optimizing business environment and development environment, plus one major window for high-level opening-up), Zibo Hi-tech Zone implemented seven major actions for quality improvement and strengthened the industrial organization concept of "keeping a close eye on the industrial forefront, building an ecosystem, integrating the industrial forefront and industrial chain, and facilitating cluster development".

It has improved an overarching layout of "One Core (core area of Zibo Hi-tech Zone), Two Cities (Zibo Science City, and Sibaoshan Creative & Innovative Park City), and Three Zones (intelligent manufacturing zone, comprehensive bonded zone, and advanced manufacturing innovation demonstration zone)".

It has promoted the growth of "3+2+1" industrial clusters of new materials, biological medicine, intelligent manufacturing, financial technology, high-end logistics, and new economies.

Seeking the opportunities of "dual carbon" strategy for highly competitive industries, the zone has accelerated the development of high-end industrial projects to create the world’s leading MEMS industrial demonstration base, develop Zibo’s high-level scientific innovation platform, build and operate the comprehensive bonded zone with high standards. Zibo Hi-tech Zone ranked 40th overall among 157 national high-tech zones last year in China.

After 30 years of great efforts and persevering commitment, Zibo Hi-tech Zone will bring development to a new stage and make further breakthroughs with high quality, high speed and high efficiency.

Source: Zibo National New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone

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Caption: The eco-friendly and dynamic Zibo Hi-tech Zone 

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Caption: Zibo Yulong Lake Wetland Ecological Park


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