ZHIYUN Unveils Best Gimbal Discounts on 2020 Amazon Prime Day

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ZHIYUN, the world leader in professional stabilization systems, will offer the best gimbal discount deals on 2020 Amazon Prime Day for a wide range of its products including  WEEBILL S, CRANE 2, SMOOTH Q2, SMOOTH 4, CRANE 3S, SMOOTH X, CRANE 2S, etc. Get up to 30% off to save up to $150. 

Prime Day Deals
Prime Day Deals

ZHIYUN Amazon Prime Day Deals will last from October 2nd to October 18th at local time on the ZHIYUN US Amazon Store and ZHIYUN official Store. For any photography beginners or professionals who want to step up their skills, this is a cost-effective chance to purchase their ideal gimbal(s).

To purchase ZHIYUN products at the discounted Amazon Prime Day prices, please visit ZHIYUN Amazon Store and ZHIYUN Official Store.

Below is a complete list of the discounted gimbals:

Crane M2 — the portable gimbal offers great compatibility with multiple devices such as compact cameras, light mirror-less cameras, smartphones, and action cameras.

WEEBILL S Image Transmission Pro-Package — WEEBILL S features the Image Transmission System that supports image transmission connection on three devices at a time for professional monitoring as well as cost saving and flexible livestreaming.

WEEBILL S — the most popular camera gimbal ever can easily handle mainstream mirror-less and DSLR camera and lens combos with its lightweight body and unique sling mode for an effortless shooting experience.

WEEBILL S Zoom/Focus Pro-Package — WEEBILL S has Zoom/Focus for quick focus control on gimbal.

Smooth Q2 — the truly multifunctional portable pocket-size 3-axis phone gimbal with Pan Following Mode, Following Mode, Lock Mode, Vortex Mode and POV Mode for your wildest creativity.

Smooth X — the world’s first pocket-size selfie-stick phone gimbal that makes phone shooting such fun. It comes with the ZY Cami APP featuring functions like gesture control, object tracking, beauty camera, and smart filmmaking.

Smooth X Package — Smooth X plus a tripod for fun shooting anywhere.

Crane 3S-E — the first hand-held gimbal ever with a whopping 6.5 KG payload that can carry large DSLR cameras ranging from Canon EOS 1DX, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras, Canon Cinema EOS, Sony FS and FX series, to RED Digital Cinema Cameras.

Crane 3S — the Crane 3S-E package comes with a Smart-sling Handle featuring an intuitive control panel and OLED screen, for direct camera and gimbal parameter adjustment or combine them together.

Crane 3S Pro-Package — the Crane 3S package comes with TransMount PowerPlus Battery Pack, TransMount Image Transmission Transmitter and TransMount Focus/Zoom Combo Kit for the ultimate professional shooting tasks.

Smooth 4  — it turns the mobile phone into a professional film-making camera, helping users create stable and smooth footage with just their phone.

Crane 2S — the upgraded version of the legendary gimbal CRANE 2 with optimized motor control algorithms and motor power that handles BMPCC 6K, Panasonic S1H, Canon EOS 1DX Mark II, Nikon D850 with total ease.

Crane 2S Combo Package — the Crane 2S package comes with the TransMount Hand-held Mini Tripod for easier shooting experience.


Zhiyun Tech is a pioneer and a world leader in gimbals and stabilizers for both professional filmmakers and personal video creators. Zhiyun’s innovative solutions and dedication to delivering products that go beyond customers’ expectations strengthen the belief that everyone can be an excellent filmmaker with the right gimbal to equip with their shooting device. Learn more about Zhiyun Tech at www.zhiyun-tech.com or check us out on Facebook: @ZhiyunGlobal or follow us on Instagram: @Zhiyun_Tech


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