Zendure, a leading lifestyle brand for outdoor clean-energy products, obtains millions in series-A funding

PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Zendure announced that it has secured a multi-million series-A funding deal, which is jointly invested by Shanghai GP Capital and YOTRIO group. This round of funds will be mainly used to expand the R&D and sales team, enrich and improve Zendure’s outdoor clean-energy lifestyle product line, expand the range of energy storage scenarios the brand can address, and accelerate the expansion of domestic and foreign sales channels. At the same time, Zendure’s blockbuster product, SuperBase Pro outdoor IoT power station has exceeded 1.3 million US dollars in its global release on Indiegogo, a well-known technology product crowdfunding platform.

Zendure announced that it has secured a multi-million series-A funding deal, which is jointly invested by Shanghai GP Capital and YOTRIO group.
Zendure announced that it has secured a multi-million series-A funding deal, which is jointly invested by Shanghai GP Capital and YOTRIO group.

For this round of financing, a partner of GP Capital said, "Zendure is an outdoor focused consumer electronics company with the ‘geek gene’ and a global outlook. With many innovative patented technologies, Zendure‘s power banks and outdoor energy storage technologies have attained a lead position in the global market. In recent years, GP Capital has made several substantial investments in the entire clean energy industry. This time we are very happy to be able to team up with Zendure to jointly promote the popularization of the outdoor clean energy lifestyle."

Bryan Liu, the founder of Zendure, said, "The outdoor clean energy lifestyle will gradually become mainstream, worldwide. Zendure will release a series of products including power banks, outdoor power stations, outdoor small appliances, and more, to create a trendy, fashionable, high-tech angle to the offerings in this lifestyle, to realize Zendure’s mission of ’empowering outdoor life’. Thanks to our investors’ confidence in Zendure, we are able to realize our vision of becoming the leading brand in the outdoor clean energy lifestyle market. 

Zendure is an outdoor consumer electronics company located in Silicon Valley in the United States and the GuangdongHong KongMacao– Greater Bay Area in China. Since its establishment in 2017, Zendure has continuously launched innovative products, made rapid breakthroughs in the core technologies of outdoor energy storage and power supplies, and continues to bring pleasant surprises to the user experience.

Zendure’s growth coincides with a period of rapid growth in the outdoor portable energy storage market. From the perspective of the overall environment, the outdoor energy storage power supply industry has entered a period of explosive growth. Outdoor power supplies can charge drones, digital cameras, laptops, and other equipment to solve power problems in outdoor entertainment, day-to-day necessities, and even help start a vehicle in an emergency. In addition, the COVID-19 epidemic has changed the way people pursue entertainment and leisure. Short drives and "picnic camping" have become increasingly popular. Data shows that the events of 2020 will put the global portable energy storage/power supply industry into hyperdrive. This market is expected to reach 36.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2025.

As early as 2019, Zendure foresaw the potential of the portable energy storage and power supply industry from trends in consumer demand. Relying on years of accumulated technical and market experience, plus a mature supply chain and fulfillment channels in the charging field, Zendure made a timely entrance into the outdoor energy storage/power supply industry. 

Zendure has more than 60 global patents, and the company has full chain control in battery management systems, power inverters, DC power, cloud services, and app development. Passport, SuperTank, SuperWave, SuperBase and other Zendure products have earned awards including Red Dot, iF, Good Design and more. In 2020, SuperTank Pro, a portable energy storage product, was purchased by Apple’s California headquarters and was covered by top overseas media including ZDNet, The Verge, and Forbes.

Zendure‘s core team consists of experienced team leaders and development experts from large global brands, including Apple, Huawei, and BYD. More than 50% of Zendure’s personnel are dedicated toward R&D.

The rapid development of the clean energy industry and the proposed goals of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality" have greatly bolstered the energy storage industry. Coupled with changes to the way people camp, the global portable energy storage and outdoor consumer electronics market is growing rapidly and is expected to reach 100 billion US dollars within 5 years. 


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