YouPay Launches Cart Sharing App for US Ecommerce Stores to Make Shopping for Teens and Parents Easy

BRISBANE, Australia, Nov. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — YouPay, the world first cart sharing app to be approved on Shopify today announced the launch of its cart sharing app into the US market.

Over 2.5 million ecommerce stores in the US can now let their teen shoppers share shopping carts with their parents for payment using YouPay, just in time for the year’s biggest online shopping events and the gifting season.

Immediately available for installation on Shopify stores in the US, UK, Europe and the Asia Pacific Region, YouPay allows shoppers to complete their cart and create a private, sharable link for their parents, relatives or friends to view and pay for at the checkout.

YouPay’s cart sharing functionality empowers a growing segment of shoppers that don’t have immediate access to online funds and, by removing key ecommerce friction points for teens and their parents, Shopify stores with YouPay installed are expected to improve cart conversion during the peak November and December holiday spending season.

"Teens sending their shopping carts to parents is an obvious use case for YouPay, but what we’ve seen through launching with over 300 stores already is that it also applies to any distinct shopper-payer relationship" said Matt Holme, YouPay Founder and CEO.

YouPay is a unique offering to the market as it does not restrict shoppers to purchasing within a single ecommerce ecosystem like Amazon Wishlists or Hollister Co’s Share2Pay which was created to improve customer experience and increase cart conversions according to a recent press release. YouPay can be set up in 15 minutes and requires minimal technical expertise, with shoppers able to create a wishlist across multiple stores.

"Since launching in 2021, YouPay has connected tens of thousands of shoppers and payers across hundreds of Shopify stores in the Australian market so, with the holiday season around the corner, the time is right for us to deliver multiplayer shopping to millions of US consumers and online stores." commented Holmes.

YouPay is available to install directly from the Shopify App Store.

About YouPay

YouPay was created in 2020 in Brisbane, Australia by former EA Sports producer and digital entrepreneur ,Matt Holme, to make online shopping carts shareable and to level up the way we shop and pay online. Combining an interactive approach to ecommerce with a powerful focus on connecting people, communities, and customers digitally, YouPay’s mission is to change the future of online shopping in a financially conscious way by bringing multiplayer shopping to the world.


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