YOFC Shares Vision for Future Optical Industry at the 2020 World Optical Fibre and Cable Virtual Conference

WUHAN, China, Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable ("the Company" and "YOFC", 601869.SH, 06869.HK), a global leader in the optical fibre and cable industry, shed light on trends of global fibre and cable markets at the CRU World Optical Fibre & Cable 2020 Virtual Conference which was attended by global industry leaders.

YOFC Shares Vision for Future Optical Industry at the 2020 World Optical Fibre and Cable Virtual Conference
YOFC Shares Vision for Future Optical Industry at the 2020 World Optical Fibre and Cable Virtual Conference

In the keynote address, Dr. Zhuang Dan, Executive Director and President of YOFC, called for global companies to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the industry in the post-pandemic era to speed up the development of all-optical networks. Later at the leadership panel, in which senior executives of the big three of global optical fibre and cable industry gathered together, Dr. Zhuang shared his insights into how the optical communications industry should respond to the pandemic and discussed how the market would move forward in the next 5 years with leaders from Corning Inc. and Prysmian Group.

"Even though the COVID-19 outbreak has brought a significant impact on our daily lives and the global economy, the demand for optical fibres and cables remains stable. However, the industry is still facing an imminent shakeup as the imbalance between the demand and supply has brought down the prices of optical products. In the fight against this pandemic, we have seen a rise in the adaptation of telecommunications that are playing a critical role in stemming the spread of the virus and connecting people and businesses. This has given rise to the drastic surge in internet use for remote working, education and healthcare, placing big demands on new all-optical networks, data centers, as well as the new infrastructures powered by 5G technology and next-gen information networks," said Zhuang Dan.

"In the face of the challenges and opportunities, YOFC has stepped up efforts in pioneering the development of new technologies and products for all-optical networks by focusing on F5G and 5G. To build an Internet of Things services powered by integration of fixed and mobile 5G networks, we continue to provide new solutions for industry partners to facilitate their business innovation and project cooperation, as well as strive to help the industry in accelerating the transition to the all-optical networks in the post-pandemic era," he added.

With the goal of establishing all-optical networks to digitally transform industrial production, business and people’s daily life, YOFC is focusing on building flexible, intelligent, green, all-optical data centers that are applicable for all production and business scenarios. The company also provides full life cycle solutions to meet the demands of various industries for cloud computing in the 5G era.

YOFC is dedicated to empowering the digital transformation of urban rail transit by helping build smart underground transportation systems powered by gigabit internet. Meanwhile, to usher in a new era for electronic communication infrastructures, YOFC has constructed a neural system for the digital grid that has been applied to the UHV transmission projects in China and built a 5G+ all-optical industrial internet to promote intelligent transformation for enterprises. In addition, YOFC has shifted from a manufacturer to a comprehensive solution provider that has built 5G fronthaul networks in cooperation with operators. Riding on the momentum, YOFC strives to drive forward the all-optical industry in the post-pandemic world.

The annual CRU World Optical Fibre and Cable Conference is established as the premier event for senior executives from the global optical fibre and communication cable supply chain. CRU Group, the organizer of the event, is a world-leading business intelligence company that offers market analysis for the optical industry. Its reports are highly regarded within the global telecommunication industry and provide important data and analysis for the upstream and downstream suppliers across the supply chains.

In partnership with CRU, YOFC first brought this global conference to Asia by holding the Asia-Pacific Optical Fibre and Cable Conference in China in 2015. In 2016 and 2017, the World Optical Fibre and Cable Conference was officially introduced to China and Asia through a joint effort of YOFC and CRU and was later transformed into one of the most influential communication platforms in the global optical industry.

In the following two years, YOFC continued playing an important role in upgrading World Optical Fibre and Cable Conference in cooperation with Corning Inc. and Prysmian Group. 2021 will mark the fourth cooperation between YOFC and CRU, demonstrating CRU’s high recognition of YOFC’s leadership in the global optical fibre and cable industry.

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