YOFC Presents at China International Information and Communications Exhibition 2020

BEIJING, Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Along with its product lineup and solutions designed to empower the deployment of 5G Internet, leading edge and intelligent applications in the future, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company ("YOFC" or "the Company") (601869.SH, 06869.HK), a global leading optical fibre and cable provider, attended the China International Information and Communications Exhibition (PT Expo) 2020 organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.

YOFC's Exhibition Booth at China International Information and Communications Exhibition 2020
YOFC’s Exhibition Booth at China International Information and Communications Exhibition 2020

At the YOFC booth, the Company’s Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) solution for next-generation data centres took central stage. The solution was created based on new multi-core fibre technology, suitable for 800Gb and beyond systems, addressing the urgent demands of data centres for bigger capacity, longer transmission distance, high-density connections and low energy consumption. Also sharing the spotlight was the Company’s latest innovations in optical communications and materials.

New Products and Solutions Helping to Develop New Infrastructure Powered by Next-Gen Information Networks and 5G

YOFC’s robust industrial expertise and over 30-year exploration in ICT have enabled the Company to flesh out a product and solution roadmap that empowers the development of a new type of infrastructure enabled by next-gen information networks. With a global rollout of 5G on the horizon, YOFC showcased innovations covering five main categories to meet with pressing new infrastructure needs in the 5G era, which are 5G Series Products and Solutions, Power Grid Communication, Industrial Internet, Big Data Centers and Rail Transportation.

Building a robust 5G ecosystem requires new fibre, cable and optical modules with excellent quality and high efficiency. YOFC has developed solutions for various intelligent applications that will help accelerate a transition to 5G and the Internet of Everything. As part of the product lineup and solutions for 5G facilities, YOFC showcased MWDM Front-haul Solution,Cable Solution for Carrier Network and Optical Transceiver for 5G.

For the sophisticated and complex networks of ultra-high-voltage electricity transmission (UHV), To address these challenges, YOFC presented its latest products designed for a cleaner, safer, and more efficient modern energy system. Amongst these offerings, the G.654.E fibre features ultra-low attenuation with a large effective area, high-fibre-count OPGW cables, and icing monitoring system.

Green, flexible, fast and intelligent, these are some of the key features that define the future of big data centres. YOFC has developed integrated cabling solutions for data centres that feature high density, high performance, reliability and scalability. Products such as optical transceivers and all-in-one cabinets using edge-computing-integrated infrastructure, achieve more effective connectivity and reliable security for network transmission and information processing for data centres.

For rail transportation, YOFC has been leveraging its strength in cable manufacturing to develop numerous technologies for urban rail transit that achieve full bands, wide coverage and low attenuation, including 5G broadband radiation-mode leaky coaxial cable, distributed temperature system and distributed vibration monitoring system. These technologies accommodate the demands of urban rail systems for communication and promote the application of digital technologies in urban rail transportation.

Smart Ocean and Home Solutions

YOFC offers diversified products and solutions for smart tourism, smart communities, and smart education that provide a wide range of smart services, focuses on F5G all-optical network and transforming from "Fibre to the Home (FTTH)" to "Fibre to Everywhere" by expanding the application of the optical technology to all service scenarios. At the exhibition, YOFC presented its key technologies for the ocean and home.

  • Smart Ocean Solutions: YOFC showcased submarine optical cables to be used in various transoceanic communication systems applicable for both deep and shallow sea. The solution also features alternating (direct) current submarine (photoelectric composite) cables for power transmission;
  • Smart Home Solutions: including YOFC’s original BendRobustâ„¢ speciality bend-resistant fibre and self-developed high-efficiency photoelectric conversion chip which can maintain high performance and stability across various complex environments.

As information and communication technology (ICT) continues to revolutionize people’s way of life, YOFC continues its commitment to the core mission of establishing a smart link to create a better life, and serving global customers with innovation-led, high-performance and high-quality products; joining efforts with global partners to build a brighter future.

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