yoboo participates in the 3.3 promotions: dedicated to helping Southeast Asian families achieve medical feeding

MANILA, Philippines, Feb. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — From 3.3 to 3.5, yoboo will be sharing a series of medical feeding tips and offering great discounts on the Southeast Asian e-commerce platforms shopee and lazada. As a Japanese artisan brand, yoboo has been working in the mother and baby field for many years. Its products cover all aspects of nurturing babies, aiming to help women breastfeed easily and conveniently and build breastfeeding confidence.

New products for a new experience

yoboo is constantly challenging itself in terms of innovation, aiming to create an unforgettable breastfeeding experience that exceeds expectations. This belief has led to the launch of new products such as Baby Wipes, Sponge Bottle Brush, Nursing Pad-Light, and much more. In order to ensure the feasibility of the research and development direction, the yoboo team has analyzed the actual needs of mothers in Southeast Asia and is constantly optimizing the product design with Japanese craftsmanship. yoboo founder, Ms. Chinen Rina, said: "In 2020, we are fighting the COVID-19 epidemic while at the same time working on new products. The sudden outbreak has led to an increased demand for clean, sterile and safe products. With logistics gradually recovering and e-commerce sales steadily increasing, we are well-positioned to deal with it all."

yoboo 3.3 promotion focuses on expanding into Southeast Asia
yoboo 3.3 promotion focuses on expanding into Southeast Asia

3.3 Promotions yoboo is giving out gifts

yoboo is committed to providing mothers with a more comfortable feeding experience through better products, including the application of Japan SpiralFlowTM Technology For Relaxing and Effectual Suction to products such as the Portable Electric Breast Pump, to give customers peace of mind when breastfeeding. With global e-commerce sales on the rise, yoboo sets to bring more benefits to customers worldwide. Recently, yoboo launched an Opening Birthday Sale on the Lazada platform. Discount up to 64% off. The platform coupon can be used in combination with other discounts store-wide, with a P100 off with a minimum spend of P1000. yoboo launched a Consumer Day on the Shopee platform. Discount up to 64% off. There is also a store-wide discount of P50 for a minimum spend of P500 and an 8% off for a minimum spend of P500, capped at P40. Voucher Code: MOMBABYFEST22. *One Time Use Only.

yoboo prepares Breast milk storage on the introductory page of each product. Efforts to educate mothers about breastfeeding. From research and development to testing, yoboo cooperates with Japan’s top academies, scientific research institutions, and hospitals to effectively undertake to breastfeed, taking into account every detail of the baby’s growth and health, and also improving the quality of life of parenting for mothers.

This article is based on the comprehensive collation of yoboo e-commerce platform activities, discount prices and product specifications, please refer to the actual activities in the store.

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