Woongjin ThinkBig Globally Launches AI Math Tutor App ‘Mathpid’

SEOUL, South Korea, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Woongjin ThinkBig Co., Ltd, South Korea’s leading edtech company, launches AI-based arithmetic application ‘Mathpid’ in the global market, including the U.S., Canada, and Singapore.

Woongjin ThinkBig Co., Ltd, South Korea’s leading edtech company, launches AI-based arithmetic application ‘Mathpid’ in the global market.
Woongjin ThinkBig Co., Ltd, South Korea’s leading edtech company, launches AI-based arithmetic application ‘Mathpid’ in the global market.

Mathpid is a math learning app based on AI that solves mathematical problems ranging from arithmetic operations to decimals, fractions, and simple equations. It helps learners improve basic math skills without unnecessary repetitions by utilizing the AI comprehensive management system to identify each learner’s weakness in real-time, and providing optimized solutions.

While studying, if a student takes a photo of an equation in a textbook or workbook, the AI system shows fundamental concepts of the given problem and provides an unlimited source of similar problems. Students can understand mathematical principles with the concepts and practice repeatedly with similar problems until they get used to them.

Mathpid can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

"Basic math skills are similar to basic physical strength when exercising. Weak physical strength leads to a lack of focus and willpower, causing difficulty in creative thinking, and it is important to strengthen mathematical basics in preparation for solving more difficult concepts and complicated problems," said Minhyong Kim, the Director at International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh, also working as a math advisor of Woongjin ThinkBig.

Jin-Hwan Jeong, the Director at Woongjin ThinkBig’s Edutech Labs, said, "We released it as a global app so that all students have easy access and can practice math skills regardless of their country and language, ensuring that they can build confidence and learn efficiently."

Woongjin ThinkBig is expanding its support for additional languages on Mathpid, besides the existing Korean and English.

About Woongjin ThinkBig:

Woongjin ThinkBig (CEO Jae-jin Lee), founded in 1980, is the leading edtech company in South Korea. With 10-year look-ahead programs to attend to the educational needs of children, the company continuously strives to create new values in the educational culture of Korea by committing itself to create, innovate, and differentiate products and services offerings.


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