Wondershare Launches Creative Campaign on Social Media: 21 Ways to Express Yourself

The #WondershareChallenge campaign encourages people to show their creativity

VANCOUVER, BC, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Creativity can be expressed in different ways. Words, terms and objects can have different interpretations and meanings for different people. To inspire creators to bravely share their original works, Wondershare has launched the #WondershareChallenge campaign on social media which runs from March 22nd until April 11th. 

Wondershare Launches Creative Campaign on Social Media: 21 Ways to Express Yourself
Wondershare Launches Creative Campaign on Social Media: 21 Ways to Express Yourself

Participants can choose one or all of the prompts they’re inspired by, and craft something. The creation could be a photo, video, food, sketch, macaroni art, etc. After that, people must show their work with the #WondershareChallenge hashtag on social media, so they enter the giveaway of grand prizes. Every day during the challenge, Wondershare will release the creative version of one of the prompts on its official accounts: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

"Wondershare makes creativity accessible for everyone, with tools so that help creators bring to life their creative vision," said Hanna Liu, General Manager of Wondershare Marketing Center. "With this campaign, we hope to inspire the community to explore what creativity means to them and encourage them to express it on their own unique way."

According to the challenge list, the topic for March 28 was "Fear". A participant posted a photo on Twitter that showed her standing at the edge of a mountain. "How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives. I am slowly overcoming my fear of heights and let myself experience the adventure that I’ve never had," she said.

Since the launch of the campaign, more than 500 posts have been made with the #WondershareChallenge hashtag and the brand has received over 5.5k interactions on social media.

Instagram is the most popular entry channel. A creator from Manila, Philippines accepted the challenge on Instagram since the first day of the campaign. When looking at his entries, there is a special one that stands out. In order to follow the theme "yellow" of that day, he used all yellow emojis to make a self-portrait.

In addition to the photos, many participants have opted for video as their means of expression. For example, a father from Fresno, California made a video showing the audience how he had fun dancing with his children for the topic of Abstraction.

"The involvement of the campaign is beyond our expectations! So far, we’ve already published half of the topics such as sky, animal, holiday, etc., and seen original and creative content on the social media platform," Liu said. "We are thrilled to see more and more people participating and can’t wait to see who the final winner is".

Once the campaign ends, Wondershare will select the top 2 winners to get an iPad Pro and a DJI Pocket 2 respectively. Ten participants will be selected as the third prize and will get a $100 Amazon Gift Card, while the 21 best submissions for each topic will get a Wondershare Fan Box.

For more information about the #WondershareChallenge campaign, please visit the website: https://www.wondershare.com/creativechallenge/ or follow the official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

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