Wondershare and Windows 11: Creating Efficiency for Users

Wondershare products are now compatible with Windows 11

VANCOUVER, BC, Oct. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Over the decades, leading creative software company, Wondershare has prided itself on its commitment to constant innovation—designing products to help beginner and professional users alike achieve their creative potential. In keeping up with the latest tech updates, Wondershare has announced that all their products, including Filmora, PDFelement, InClowdz, EdrawMax , EdrawMind, Anireel, and UniConverter, which can be downloaded from the Windows Store, are now compatible with the newly released Windows 11.

Wondershare and Windows 11: Creating Efficiency for Users
Wondershare and Windows 11: Creating Efficiency for Users

"Whenever we design new products or new versions of our current products, we always keep efficiency top of mind—we know that time is very valuable to all our users, and the easier we can make their lives, the better," said Luna Xue, Product Director of Wondershare. "This is why we are very excited to see some of the new features of Windows 11, which will undoubtedly make processes more streamlined for users."

Snap layouts and snap groups enhance productivity

This major overhaul of the Windows operating system features various new additions that enable users to more easily multitask, for example, snap layouts and snap groups. Video editors who utilize Wondershare products such as Filmora and Anireel will be able to more efficiently edit videos and photos by quickly switching between windows or viewing them all at once.

On the other hand, EdrawMax and EdrawMind users who create a lot of diagrams and mind maps can on their PCs with several windows open at once with snap layouts, enabling them to focus on the source material while designing the diagrams on EdrawMax and EdrawMind without having to minimize and maximize windows.

PDFelement 8’s latest update to streamline user experience to simplify the interface goes hand in hand with the efficiency that snap layouts and snap groups offer users. Now, creating and editing documents takes even less time and effort.

Use Wondershare Android apps natively

Another highly anticipated feature of Windows 11 is the ability to use Android apps natively—users will be able to download Android apps directly onto their PCs. This means that users can use their Wondershare mobile products such as FilmoraGo on their laptops or desktops, eliminating the need to download desktop versions of the products. Although this capability has not been released yet on Windows 11, it is slated to be released in the coming months.

If you are planning to upgrade your desktop and laptop to the new Windows 11, be assured that your current Wondershare products will work perfectly—even better yet, if you’re a user of one of Wondershare’s Android apps, you’ll now be able to use it on your PC as well! To learn more about Wondershare’s suite of mobile products, visit the website.

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