Wolfoo – Vietnamese animation taking the world by storm

Rich in humanistic values, Wolfoo has won over the hearts of millions of people across the globe.

NEW YORK, March 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — An animated web series popular with kids worldwide, Wolfoo enjoys wide appeal that stems from the humanistic values deftly woven into stories about fun everyday situations. The series has been twice awarded the Youtube Diamond button, with more than 2 billion monthly views and counting. Yet it is a little-known fact that Wolfoo is indeed the pride of Vietnamese people.

Wolfoo is a collection of animated characters in the WOA ecosystem owned by SCONNECT, a Vietnam-headquartered company specialized in creative content.

Originally produced in English, Wolfoo has been dubbed into many other languages, such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, etc. To expand its market, the producer has registered images of Wolfoo characters as trademarks in the United States and Vietnam. In addition, in Vietnam, the producer has also copyrighted the scripts of the Wolfoo animated web series and secured protection for the Wolfoo brand.

Wolfoo is steadily asserting itself as the animation brand taking the lead in holistic integration of entertainment and education through a rich ecosystem of products familiar and attractive to children across the world. Spanning a diverse range of topics, each episode raises children’s awareness about proper behaviors, helps them form healthy habits, and equips them with essential life skills. Wolfoo also fosters the development of personality traits and skills for children, namely courage, gratitude, compassion, empathy, humility, integrity, persistence, creativity, curiosity, teamwork, emotional self-control, and communication.

Wolfoo learns how to express gratitude towards loved ones
Wolfoo learns how to express gratitude towards loved ones

The secret to success

Speaking about his choice to target the international market rather than the domestic one, Ta Manh Hoang, CEO of SCONNECT which owns the ecosystem of creative products under the WOA brand said, "We believe in the principle that sometimes choice matters more than effort. It is important to choose the right direction from the start, no matter how difficult it may be, because you will attain greater and more enduring gains upon success. Breaking into a market of high standards will push us to harness all possible resources for development. It is akin to tackling a hard math problem, requiring perseverance that will be rewarded many times over once solved. After capturing international market share, our return to the domestic market and future growth will be smooth sailing."

Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes

"Every WOA product has clearly-defined core values. After determining the core values of a product, WOA comes up with a coherent action plan and commits itself to delivering these values through said product and service. Thus, we ensure sustainability and distinctiveness in doing business," Ta Manh Hoang asserted.

Ta Manh Hoang assessed that the digital environment, harsh as it is, also opens up numerous learning and capacity-building opportunities for Vietnamese production teams. "Youtube is an open space, with very specific rules. Not only does Youtube help creators develop content but also guide them on how to do business and fairly split profits. We have learnt a lot from Google, particularly Youtube. Through our steady development on this platform, we have matured a great deal. I have every confidence in our Vietnamese staff; they are young, proactive, quick learners, and multi-taskers. Every person on our team enjoys a clear path of skill and career development. And that is how we can walk far," Ta Manh Hoang remarked.

WOA constantly conducts research and development, and expands its portfolio to meet the demands of customers. Take Wolfoo for example. In addition to short episodic content, the production team is also working on serial content for the Wolfoo Series, with massive investment in film technology so as to offer a product of superior quality. While the short episodes of Wolfoo revolve around daily happenings, Wolfoo Series takes the audience on exciting long-running adventures in the worlds of magic, toys, etc.

As the audience’s trust and support is an invaluable asset, WOA endeavors to always deliver tangible values and best satisfy the audience through the expansion of the Wolfoo ecosystem. In 2022, WOA expects to launch the online game Wolfoo and the 2000-square meter Wolfoo City edutainment center, complete with the Wolfoo cast of characters.

 As a commercial brand of SCONNECT CO., LTD, WOA commits to foster connections for values across the world. Being a producer of creative products, WOA is taking the lead in fast delivery of service and a strong portfolio geared towards global connectivity and development.


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