Wix Introduces Wix Portfolio for Users to Seamlessly Create & Manage a Professional Online Portfolio

Users can swiftly showcase their work online with uniquely designed and customizable layouts, and can sync their work across external portfolio platforms on the web

NEW YORK, Sept. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wix.com Ltd. (NASDAQ: WIX), a leading global SaaS platform to create, manage and grow an online presence, today announced the launch of its new product dedicated to easily creating professional online portfolios – Wix Portfolio. With a variety of uniquely designed, customizable layouts based on the latest visual trends, tailored to various industries and professions, users can match the look and feel of their brand in a straightforward and structured way, allowing them to get their work online quickly.

Seamlessly create and manage a professional online portfolio.
Seamlessly create and manage a professional online portfolio.

Today, having a professional online presence is the standard way for individuals and brands to share their work and define their professional perception. Wix data indicates that about 40% of users are showcasing a portfolio page on their website. Now broadening the scope of the existing portfolio capabilities on the platform, Wix Portfolio helps users focus less on the web design process and more on executing the creation of their vision, helping them to ultimately increase their online visibility, and potentially generate revenue from their work.

Users can instantaneously change the look and feel of their portfolio with professionally designed layouts, font changes, adding navigation buttons, and more personalization at any time without having to go into each project page separately and update them individually. Wix Portfolio also has the ability to seamlessly create project collections to enable easy navigation for larger portfolios. Users can update and manage their portfolio from anywhere with the Wix Owner App, making it easier than ever to keep both their work and their brand updated.

Users who have already created their brand and are presenting their work on other channels, can easily sync existing portfolio projects created on external platforms, such as Dribbble, Instagram, DeviantArt and Google Photos, directly to their Wix Portfolio. Additionally, any updates made on the synced channels will update on to their Wix Portfolio, saving time and resources, and creating a way to uphold their holistic brand presence online.

"As a key offering, we recognized the need to expand on our existing portfolio offering to provide a more intuitive  solution for users to create and display their work, and eventually build upon it to market themselves and monetize their work," said Ronny Elkayam, SVP, Mobile, App Market & Strategic Products at Wix. "The process to create a portfolio, even the simplest of portfolios, can be challenging and with Wix Portfolio, users have more professional tools, and cutting-edge design features to quickly and easily create a beautiful portfolio."

"I needed my photography portfolio to be eye-catching and also tell a story," said Dora Cavallo, Food Photographer, Stylist and Recipe Developer. "Wix’s portfolio feature is not only easy to use, but it creates an elegant and unique way to showcase my work in a way I am proud of. I loved being able to easily choose from different layouts so I can find one that is unique to my brand. As my client list continues to grow, this tool will help me quickly add more and more examples of the work I can do for everyone to see."

From students to professionals in the arts, entertainment, science & technology, fashion, architecture & building industries, and more, having a professional portfolio is essential to showcase work visually online. For example, a real-estate agent showcasing their listings, or a photographer displaying their collections.

For more information about Wix Portfolio, click here.

About Wix.com Ltd.

Wix is a leading platform to create, manage and grow a digital presence. What began as a website builder in 2006 is now a complete platform providing users with enterprise-grade performance, security, and a reliable infrastructure. Offering a wide range of commerce and business solutions, advanced SEO and marketing tools, Wix enables users to have full ownership of their brand, their data and their relationships with their customers. With a focus on continuous innovation and delivery of new features and products, anyone can build a powerful digital presence to fulfill their dreams on Wix.

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One solution to power your projects.
One solution to power your projects.


Edit every element with endless customization options and design features.
Edit every element with endless customization options and design features.


Instantaneously change the look and feel with professionally designed layouts, font changes, and more.
Instantaneously change the look and feel with professionally designed layouts, font changes, and more.


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