WingArc1st’s Data Empowerment Accelerator, WingArc, Equips Local SMEs With Greater Data Capabilities

SINGAPORE, Nov. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Japan’s leading data empowerment and software firm, WingArc1st Inc, launched its second round of the WingArc Data Empowerment Accelerator to enable startups to leverage the use of data through the right platforms and tools, enhancing their products capabilities to reach a larger industry audience. With the aim to aid local SMEs to generate greater revenue by incorporating business intelligence tools into their products and solutions, WingArc1st managed to grow each startup’s business presence in Singapore and the Southeast Asian region. Hundreds of startups applied to be part of the WingArc Data Empowerment Accelerator but only the best 3 startups were selected.


With the emergence of Smart Cities 2.0, the accelerator worked closely with ZeeMart, AMTISS and Mantheos (from the first round accelerator) to develop greater data-driven solutions that focus on providing products that are well aligned with the Southeast Asian digital race. Powered by Meet Ventures, an innovation consultancy firm that specialises in helping MNCs and government agencies to run their startup innovation programs, the first-ever WingArc Accelerator tackled the pain points of various industries through leveraging big data to advance these burgeoning concepts. Smart city-driven startups that incorporated under WingArc’s solutions to elevate products aid the industrial and business intelligence sectors, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

"Pivoting toward digital transformation may have been the hype in the 2010s for most SMEs, but the startups of the 20s are now looking to leverage the power of data to amplify their solutions in this new age of technology. WingArc recognises the need for more companies, especially burgeoning startups, to adapt and adopt data tools that would amplify their current solutions. Through the accelerator program, the business not only managed to grow their product offerings within the mobile app, but they were able to connect with the right audience to bring their efforts to fruition", said Taisuke Asada, Head of Global Business at WingArc1st Inc.

With the intention to grow this programme to amplify more startups with data-driven solutions, WingArc 1st has begun its second round of the accelerator with a new roster of companies. In addition to this, the brand has been working closely with local entities, such as SWITCH (Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology) for two consecutive years since 2020, to run masterclasses on improving data management and visualisation, enabling these startups to better serve their users in the long run. Despite technological advancements, WingArc 1st is constantly aiming to equip and educate SMEs with the right tools to be adaptable to such shifts. WingAct1st is committed to help startups and SMEs grow their business presence in Singapore and in the Southeast Asian region. In November 2021, WingArc1st also invested SGD500,000 into a Singapore-based tech startup that provides AI-enabled solutions for intelligent buildings and educational technology.

The startup landscape in Southeast Asia is no longer simply the launchpad it was in the late 2000s for emerging tech companies looking for opportunities to grow. The industry now produces one of the world’s fastest-growing companies that provide a plethora of solutions to match the needs of the region’s multi-faceted consumers and brands. Besides the adoption of cloud technology, big data has been creating waves in allowing brands to pick up on consumption and behavioural patterns that aim to streamline and diversify solutions across industry verticals. As various traditional industries are grappling to make sense on how to best use their data, and as new businesses struggle to acquire substantial data, it is clear that data will continuously drive the evolution of modern innovations for decades to come.

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WingArc1st Inc is a Japanese MNC and leading data empowerment company with the #1 market share in Japan. Their mission is to help companies become data-driven for higher efficiency and performance. Established in 2004, WingArc has more than 650 employees across 13 offices in Asia and is headquartered in Roppongi, Tokyo. Today, WingArc has more than 31k customers and close to 500 distribution partners. For more information visit

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