Win-Win-Win Cooperation, H3C Channel Kickoff 2022 Commences in Turkey

ISTANBUL, Feb. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — H3C announced the launch of its annual Channel Kickoff event in Turkey with the theme of "Accelerating your business growth". The event highlights the opportunities for H3C’s partners to discover H3C products and services that they can leverage to drive the success of their businesses.

H3C Channel Kickoff 2022 was successfully launched in Turkey
H3C Channel Kickoff 2022 was successfully launched in Turkey

As the key bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey offers the benefits of a mature industry, digital infrastructure, and a broad market, making it attractive to international digital investments. Since it entered the international market in 2019, H3C has cooperated with local partners and end-users to accelerate their global strategy. At present, H3C has 12 overseas representative offices, providing end-to-end digital solutions in 174 major cities and 106 countries and regions. In 2022, H3C will continue to expand globally, covering Asia, Europe, Latin America, former CIS, Africa, and other markets.

Speaking at the annual event, Gary Huang, President of International Business and Senior Vice President of H3C, said that "H3C will work toward common development under a ‘Win-Win-Win’ strategy, and is committed to becoming the most trusted partner of our global clients. We have not only achieved great success in the Chinese market, but our international business is also growing rapidly. In 2021, we saw double-digit growth in our overseas market. We remain committed to our ‘Partners First’ strategy to grow our businesses together and pursue common progress."

The success of H3C with local partners can be attributed not only to the urgent need for the digital transformation of the Turkish government and businesses but also to the accelerated construction of digital platforms by H3C. As the leader in digital solutions, the company has created multiple platforms including PRM: Channel Business Lifecycle Platform; H3Club platform; individual training platforms, and individual incentive and empowerment platforms. These platforms have drawn interest from potential customers as partners and end-users and helped them better understand H3C products. 

Speaking at the same event, Wang Chen, H3C Vice President of International Business said, "H3C has achieved comprehensive coverage of the markets in Asia, former CIS, and the Middle East and selective coverage in Latin America, Africa, and Europe, thanks to our mature digital solutions and an expansion strategy characterized by small incremental advances. The Turkish market has infinite potential and offers enormous opportunities. The company has formed partnerships with local high-profile enterprises which offer mature digital solutions to those clients in government and in the private sector that are helping with the digital transformation in such sectors of the economy as healthcare and education, creating the most powerful win-win-win situation with our partner and client."

Wang Chen, Vice President of International Business of H3C delivered a keynote speech of “Moving Forward to the New Business” at the event
Wang Chen, Vice President of International Business of H3C delivered a keynote speech of “Moving Forward to the New Business” at the event

To recognize the support from local partners to the digital transformation initiative, H3C instituted H3C Elite Partners Awards in 2021. Five of the Turkish partners have been recognized with the Top Sales Elite Award, Industrial Market Development Award, Solution Sales Elite Award, Top Service Sales and Delivery Award, Best Collaboration Award, and the Best Growth Award.

Since the initial launch of H3C Channel Kickoff 2022 event in Malaysia on January 25 followed by Turkey as the second stop, the company has been cooperating closely with overseas partners to establish a multi-ecosystem pattern. As this critical phase of global digital transformation picks up, H3C will continue to broaden cooperation with its partners in a majority of countries to attract more talent and to spur the underlying technology convergence from all sides. This cooperation will empower the end-users from various industries and ensure the steady growth of the digital economy.


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